Thursday, 22 November 2012

Armani Micro-Fil Loose Powder in Porcelain

I discovered this Armani powder this summer when browsing the makeup counters in Selfridges. It was my birthday that week and so I was looking to treat myself to something a little special. This powder fitted the bill perfectly- it really is amazing and I will always buy it now as I’d miss it too much if I didn’t!

It brightens up your whole face and makes your skin look really fresh, covering up all flaws. It keeps your makeup on much longer, setting it in place for hours.

Armani describe this powder as ‘light and luminous’- I totally agree with this description. It covers up lines and blemishes but not in a heavy, caked-on way like some powders do; the finish is really natural.

How to apply it: After cleansing/ toning/ moisturising apply your face primer. Then apply your foundation. After your foundation has dried (leave it a minute or two) then get a face brush (the biggest one) and put some powder on it (the powder’s got little holes like talcum powder- I put the makeup brush over the holes and shake it up and down once). Then sweep the powder all over your face.

The white one looks best on me as I’ve got a pale-medium skin tone. Don’t be deceived in thinking it will make you look pale- it doesn’t work like that. There’s two other shades so try them out on your skin tone at the counter to see which one looks best on you. It’s best to go for a lighter one as the point of it is to brighten up your face- you can put bronzer/ blusher on your cheeks for colour.

I can’t express how good this powder is, it’s my favourite makeup product of all time, and you’ll only understand if you try it for yourself.

Price: £32 (Selfridges)

Rosy x

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