Friday, 30 November 2012

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face

I put this fake tan on my face every few days and it makes such a difference to my whole appearance. It adds a natural glow and tint to my skin- definitely not making it orange! 

It works with your natural skin tone to create a customised colour, that’s a bit darker than your natural one but it’s very subtle, making you look really healthy. You can apply it more often to build up a tan; for instance I personally apply it every 2-3 days, but if you applied it every day then obviously it would make your skin darker- which is good in summer.

It goes on really well, there’s never any streaks or patches, it blends into your skin nicely. Also, it doesn’t smell really dodgey - which is always a bonus! It’s not too greasy- some face fake tans encourage spot break outs, but this one never has. At the same time it doesn’t dry your skin out either.

I put it on after my moisturiser, and if I’m going out it works fine with makeup over the top, it doesn’t smudge it as it’s quite quick to dry.

This is definitely the best fake tan for the face that I have ever had- I strongly recommend it!!

Price: £17.50


  1. going to buy this on saturday!

  2. Aw that's great- you won't regret it! I really do love this fake tan! Thanks for your comment, lovely to hear! x


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