Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review: Benefit That Gal Primer

For years I have been applying foundation directly to my face without primer underneath. By lunch time my face was always shiny and I had to apply powder or blotting sheets to make it look less oily. A few months ago I discovered primer. I now cringe that I haven’t been using it before. It doesn’t seem like an essential beauty item or step in the makeup routine, but I cannot emphasise it’s importance enough.

Primers are used under foundation to hold your makeup in place, to keep it on longer and to stop your face going shiny/ oily.

When to apply it: After you have cleansed your face, then used toner and, finally, moisturiser, just before you put your foundation on. I would wait about 5 minutes to put the primer on after you have applied your moisturiser, just to make sure it is dry, so that it will stay on longer and work better. I use a powder/ foundation sponge to apply it all over my face. As soon as the primer has sunk in, immediately apply your foundation- do not wait long to do this as the foundation needs to stick to the primer.

I have tried a few different ones (the No.7 one I wasn’t very impressed with) but my absolute favourite is ‘That Gal’ by Benefit. It has a pinky tone to it, immediately brightening up your face and making it glow, but not in a greasy/ oily way, in a fresh-faced way. The primer smells gorgeous and glides on your face easily.

'That Gal' has stopped my face from looking oily, it keeps my makeup on all day and makes my face look brighter, healthier and much fresher, adding a nice glow. When talking to my friends recently, I have been singing the praises of this product, encouraging them to buy it, and they have all been as equally impressed when they have. So, don’t waste any more time like I did, invest in a primer and you will be able to see the results for yourself!

Has anyone else tried this primer? What do you think? Is anyone going to buy a primer now that didn't use one before? Does anyone have any other primer recommendations?

Rosy x

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