Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hair: John Frieda ‘Anytime Volume Refresher’ Spray

I got my hair cut very short this summer, and being used to long hair, it’s been interesting and exciting trying out lots of different hair products that I previously wouldn’t have used. One product that I’ve completely fallen in love with is this ‘Anytime Volume Refresher’ spray by John Frieda. It’s available to buy at most supermarkets/ in places like boots and costs around £5.50.

I spray this in my hair after I’ve blow-dried and straightened it (if needed). It instantly gives my hair volume and texture, making it look sexy and it’s much easier to style. I simply spray it all over the part that I want volume (about 20cm away from my head) then mess it about with my fingers, ensuring there are no white patches, and then I add hairspray or wax to make it stay like that. 

As you can see from the ‘Before ‘ and ‘After’ pictures it really makes my haircut much more edgy and stylish, as oppose to flat and boring!
Before Volume Refresher Spray
After Volume Refresher Spray- no other products have been added

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