Friday, 23 November 2012

My Top Ten Beauty Tips

 1. Always put primer on your face before you apply your foundation and eye primer underneath your eye shadow. They will make sure your makeup doesn’t run or shine, and will make it stay on much much longer.

2. Clean makeup brushes at least once a month. Baby shampoo is great to use as it is hygienic but also soft and gentle on your brushes.

3. Look to see when the product goes off- there is a picture with an open container and a number of months (e.g. 6m) that tells you how long it will last once opened. Always use the product within this time- gone off makeup is really bad for your skin.

4. Always take your makeup off- even after nights out- it’s fine to just use a makeup wipe to clean your face after a night out when you don’t feel like cleansing/ toning/ moisturising, but it’s really important to take your makeup off.

5. When applying foundation, start at the nose and work outwards. Always start from the T-zone and then work out towards your cheeks/ jaw etc.

6. Don’t forget your eyebrows- they frame your face. Use an eyebrow gel to keep them in place and then a soft eyebrow pencil- make sure it matches your eyebrow colour and looks natural- or an eyebrow powder and wax. It will make a big difference.

7. If you know what product you want, shop around to see if any of the stores has a deal on: House of Fraser, Boots, Debenhams, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols all rotate the deals so it’s likely that at any one time one of them will have it on (i.e. Clinique bonus time, free gifts when you buy two products, or 10% off). If you don’t want to trail round the shops you can just look online at that store’s website before you go.

8. Ask counters for free samples of products. Say you’ve not made up your mind yet and would like to try it at home before you buy- I always get mascaras and foundations in this way, it’s a great way to save money and to try out new products!

9. A lot of people don’t know exactly where to put blushers, bronzers and highlighters. You should put the blusher on the balls of your cheeks and sweep it up lightly towards the edge of your face from there. Bronzer should go in the hollow of cheeks, underneath your cheek bone to define them. Highlighters should go above the blusher, overlapping slightly with it.

10. Change your shampoo regularly, your hair will love it. If you like two brands in particular alternate between them. Hairdressers always say to avoid Tresame and Pantene as they are really bad for your hair. 


  1. Such great advice. I read each one intently, loved it :) x

  2. Thank you so much Victoria- that's really lovely to hear! Glad that you liked it and found them helpful :-) x

  3. all really useful to know - i will be checking the dates on my creams and make-up immediately and buying baby shampoo with my new brushes!


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