Monday, 19 November 2012

No. 7 Eyeliner: Amazing Eyes Pencils

I’ve been using the No. 7 eyeliners for years. I use the brown during the day and the black one for nights out. I’ve tried other more high profile brands such as Estee Lauder and Lancome but none are ever quite as good as my trusty No. 7 ones- and they’re twice the price!

The No. 7 eyeliners serve me so well because they never run or smudge, they are quick and easy to apply, and the colours suit me. The brown one is bold enough to make a difference but natural enough to look nice in the day. The No. 7 brown is a smokey browny/grey colour, whereas other brands of brown eyeliners are more red-brown and they make me look like I’ve got sore eyes! Black eyeliner is a classic, and the No. 7 works so well as it stays on all night without running. They come with a smudge stick on one end which is great for blending on your top lid.

So, although sometimes tempted to buy other brands, I will always come back to the No. 7 ones- why fix something that ain’t broke?! Also, Boots always have ‘3 for 2’ or ‘Buy one get one half price’ deals, and regularly give out £5 No. 7 vouchers, so they’re an even better price- winner!!

Price: £7.25 (Available at Boots)
Rosy x

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