Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review: Soap and Glory Glow Lotion

Sadly, I was disappointed with Soap and Glory's Glow Lotion.

I'm a big fan of Soap and Glory body lotions and shower gels, so I had high hopes for this Glow Lotion when it caught my eye in Boots. I bought it for a friend’s birthday night out to put on my legs to make them look smoother and *hopefully* nicer. I expected it to produce a natural cover-up, an even skin tone with an added bit of shimmer. I was sadly disappointed. I put the lotion on my legs and after rubbing it in you could hardly see it. I also put some on my chest to make it look a bit brighter- again there was no or little effect :(

On the plus side, this lotion smells amazing (as all Soap and Glory products do) and it’s not sticky, greasey or heavy when applying. However, you might as well just get a normal body lotion that smells just as nice as this doesn’t do what it says it will.

Price: £5.50 (available to buy here)
Rosy x

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