Friday, 7 December 2012

Benefit Brow-zings

I love what Brow-zings does to my eyebrows; it gives them definition, fills in all the spaces and makes them look much better in a very natural way- there’s nothing I hate more than painted on eyebrows or the infamous “scouse brow”!

I must confess I never used to bother putting anything on my eyebrows. I would pluck them and comb them, but other than that I didn’t think it was that important to do them- and I thought I’d rather have natural eyebrows than obviously pencilled-in ones. It wasn’t until talking to a makeup artist a few months ago that I realised how important it was to do them and how it was possible to add colour and definition in a subtle way. The makeup artist (not working for Benefit so not trying to sell me Brow-zings before you get sceptical!) said that eyebrows are so important to pay attention to as they frame our whole face. They’re an aspect that you don’t realise how much of a difference they make until you give them shape and fill in the blank bits; you really can see an improvement to your whole face!

Like I said, I wanted to achieve a nice subtle makeup look, one that people would think “wow she has nice eyebrows” and not “oh god has she just drawn her eyebrows on?!”. Brow-zings is perfect for this.

The Brow-zings kit come with a helpful little instructions sheet which I used the first couple of times until I’d got the hang of it. It comes with two brushes- one for spreading the wax on to keep your eye brows in place, and one for blending the powder in. The powder is what makes it such a natural finish- I would recommend it over a pencil any day. I did have to comb my eyebrows before and briefly after I’d applied the wax, just to ensure the hairs were all in place. The only thing I would say against it is that it does take a bit of time to do, which is not ideal when you’re getting ready for work in the mornings- an eyebrow gel and pencil are much quicker but this does add a more natural finish so it’s definitely worth it if you’ve got the time. Also, the mini tweezers that come with it are pretty useless, I find them too small to pluck hairs out with (and I have small hands!).

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this product as it creates a really natural yet effective look for your eyebrows.I got the dark one and it looks great on my brown eyebrows.

Price: £24.50 (Available at Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis).
My eyebrow without anything on it
My eyebrow after Brow-zings
My eyebrow after Brow-zings

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