Friday, 28 December 2012

Blink Contact Eye Drops

I wear contact lenses most of the time (while I’m at work being the main exception) and after a few hours my eyes start to feel a little achey or dry. I bought these contact eye drops a few months ago and carry it with me in my handbag whenever I have my lenses in. When my eyes are feeling tired or sore, I put a few drops in each eye and it helps to sooth them and stop them from feeling so dry. It gives them a few more hours of life and prevents my eyes from aching as much.

If you wear contact lenses like me I’d definitely recommend you try these drops, they make a big difference when you’re wearing your contacts all day.

Does anyone else get achey eyes wearing contacts? Has anyone else tried contact lense drops or got any other recommendations?

Price: £5.49 (available at Boots).


  1. I wear contacts too! and I've been looking for some drops to carry around with me so this is perfect! Thanks for the post :) xxxx

  2. You're welcome- I've been wearing contacts for years and only just dicovered these- they realky do help! Thanks for commenting! x x

  3. This stuff is down t earth, hats off buds out there.
    can-C Free shipping


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