Sunday, 16 December 2012

Carmex Lip Balm in Cherry

I love my Carmex lip balm. I have it with me all year round, but apply it constantly in winter. I've found that it’s so much better than Vaseline, which is what I used to use before I discovered how amazing Carmex was!

I usually get the cherry flavour as it tastes and smells really lovely. It may sound strange but it’s actually quite refreshing when you put it on, it gives me the same sort of feeling I get when I’ve just applied perfume. There’s a few other flavours available though: Original (it’s still nice and tangy), Strawberry (which I really want to try!) and Mint (which I can imagine is even more refreshing!). You can get it in the tube form- I prefer this as it doesn’t get messy and I hate applying lip balm with my finger- but also in a little tub, so it’s just personal preference which you buy as they’re both the same price.

It moisturises your lips absolutely brilliantly. It completely gets rid of chapped, dry skin and makes your lips feel really soft afterwards. When you apply it, it's so tingly, it really feels like it's working! Also, it lasts ages on your lips, much longer than any other lip balm I’ve ever tried. It’s a great price, makes a big difference- your lips look shiny and bigger, and it stops them from being dry. BUY IT, you’ll never look back!

Any other Carmex lovers out there? Or any people that haven’t tried it yet?

Price: Approx £2.50 (Available at Boots, Superdrug and Supermarkets)


  1. I love this lip balm!!! It's perfect.
    Lovely blog. Can you look my blog? Kisses from Spain!

  2. I know- It's so essential in the winter! Thanks for your comment, I will check your blog out now :) x


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