Sunday, 9 December 2012

Clinique 7 Day Scrub

According to beauty experts, you’re supposed to exfoliate your face about once a week. I usually do this on a Sunday evening, which is a good time for me as it’s easy to remember and I’ve usually worn more makeup at the weekend, so my face needs a good scrub.

This Clinique exfoliator feels lovely and satisfying when applying; it’s rough texture was quite therapeutic to rub into my face and it felt like it was really cleaning it. Also, it left my skin feeling nice and soft afterwards.

It's really handy to keep in the shower and use on the go. I hardly ever seem find the time to put face masks on, so this is a great alternative to them as it can be used in place of your cleanser once a week. 

The only negative thing about it is that it didn’t remove all my dry skin, which I was expecting it to do, so I did have to scrub a bit harder on those areas. Nevertheless, it was not too rough on my skin either, I didn’t feel like it had stripped it of all the essential oils, but it felt very clean all the same.

I would recommend it as an exfoliator; it thoroughly cleans your face and does not cause irritations or breakouts after using it- I’m quite impressed with it!

What do you think? Have you tried this exfoliator? Can you recommend any others?

Price: £17.50
Rosy x


  1. I used to use this scrub but forgot about it i do think this is great in a rush i did like using this did not strip my skin or irritate it

    1. I totally agree! I keep it in the shower so I don't forget to use it each week! You're right, it's so handy to have and no hassle or effort at all, and does wonders for your skin :) Thanks for commenting! xx


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