Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Five Top Tips For Applying Eye Makeup

1. Use eyeshadow primer- always put this on before you put any eye makeup on, it will ensure that it stays in place, stops all creases and stays bright/ fresh all day.

2. For the eyelid: I put eyeliner on first (along the top lashes) and then eyeshadow on top, blend it in, and then finish with another thin coat of eyeliner over the top to make the lashes look thicker.

3. Kohl pencils are easier to blend than liquid eyeliner; easier to get the line right and to apply and easier to get off/ rectify if you make a mistake.

4. Apply kohl eyeliner underneath your top eye lid (underneath the lashes) to make the lashes look fuller and thicker.

5. Apply a light eyeshadow colour on your brow bone, and in the corner nearest your nose, with darker eye shadow at the other end, furthest away from your nose, and nearer the lashes.

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