Sunday, 23 December 2012

Urban Decay Brow Styling Brush and Setting Gel

This is the best eyebrow gel I’ve ever tried! It completely locks my eyebrows in place; they don’t move all day. I love that it’s a brush-comb rather than others which are more like mascara-brushes (sorry I don’t know the technical term for them!). It ensures that my eyebrows are combed and neat before they set. It doesn’t go clumpy or leave any residue (some I’ve tried leave little white bits that look like dandruff on my eyebrows- Yuk!)

I’ve tried No. 7 and Benefit eyebrow gels in the past and this one is a million times better- I won’t be going back!

Price: £14 (and worth every penny!) (Available at Debenhams and House of Fraser)

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