Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Clarins Exfoliating Face Mask: ‘Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream’


I am so so impressed by this face mask!! I’ve just rinsed it off after trying it for the first time, and come straight to blog about it as I’m so excited! 

First of all, it’s an exfoliating face mask. It has microbeads in it and states that it will ‘immediately eliminate impurities that cause a dull complexion’. It is suitable for all skin types (as you probably already know mine is oily-combination) including sensitive skin.

It comes out a bit like clay, and is a sort of greeny-grey colour. You rub it into your face, massaging it in circles; it comes out runny but quickly dries.

Before I tried it I was a bit sceptical because you only leave it on for one minute, and I thought ‘how much difference is this going to make in one minute to my skin?’. The answer: A LOT! When rinsing it off I really scrubbed and massaged my face to provide as much exfoliation as possible.

I am completely blow away by how good this face mask is. It’s left my face literally glowing- no skin care product has ever made my skin look so bright! It’s so soft to touch, it feels so smooth and clean- this is down to the inclusion of primrose oil in it which is known for its soothing properties. It has completely unblocked all my pores. I know this because lots- if not all- of my blackheads have disappeared and my spots have all come to the surface.

I am definitely going to be buying this face mask, and cannot recommend it highly enough; it really has made a massive difference to my skin. To apply, leave on, and rinse off, it takes a total of about 3-4minutes. So it is not a hassle and can easily be fitted in to a bed time routine. I would recommend exfoliating or using a mask once a week to keep your skin looking fresh and to unclog all the pores. 

Has anyone else tried this? Or have any other face mask recommendations?

Price: £24.50 for 50ml (This is a sample).

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Clinique Foxy Eyeshadow

Clinique eyeshadows come in these handy cases- with a mirror on the outside and inside

Clinique Foxy
Clinique Foxy on my eyelids- with nothing else added
Complete eye makeup with Clinique Foxy on

I’ve been using Clinique Foxy eyeshadow (number 404) for years as part of my everyday makeup routine. It’s a very versatile colour and will suit most people. I personally suit more grey-brown shades than brown-red/pink shades, so this colour has fast become one of my favourites.

It’s quite a creamy eyeshadow that can be both lightweight and intense depending on what other shades or eyeliners you wear with it. On its own it stands out yet does not look too heavy.

I really like the pigment and the metallic base to this eyeshadow, it’s great for creating a smokey eye look. I create this by teaming it with a darker brown eyeshadow applied towards the outer edge of my eye lid and on the upper crease. The colour stays on all night (although I do wear Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion underneath- see here for blog post) and does not crease.
Also, it can be teamed with a lighter shade, such as a white/cream colour for during the day to create a bright and natural look. I apply foxy across my lid but with more intensity towards the outer edge and the upper crease, as well as the lash line. Then I apply the lighter shade to the inner corner of my eye.

This eyeshadow has lasted me absolutely ages- it really is value for money. It’s my safe shade that I can take with my anywhere to wear on its own or with darker and lighter colours depending on the occasion.

Has anyone else tried this eyeshadow or any other Clinique eyeshadows? What is your safe, go-to eyeshadow?

Price: £15

Saturday, 26 January 2013

What I Carry In My Handbag

This post is all about the products that I carry around in my handbag. These are the ones that I will put on throughout the day to keep looking/ feeling fresh and nice.


I keep the items that will fit in a little makeup bag inside my bag, to keep them clean and to make it easier to find them when I need them.

Brush and Hair Grips

You never know when your hair is going to start playing up, and a brush and hair grips can really rectify a bad hair day. If my front hair/ fringe won't go right or is looking greasy, I always pin it back with grips. This mini brush is great for carrying around, it was only £1 from Boots.

Blotting Sheets
Always great for combating shine- my oily skin aways gets shiny after a few hours so these are essential for getting rid of it! Again, only about £1 from Boots.

Mini Perfume
I always get perfume samples- ask when you're buying perfume if they'll put any in for free (I get lots this way) and then keep it in my bag to top up throughout the day.

L'Occitane Hand Cream 
My hands get quite dry at the best of times, but in the cold, winter weather and  with my multiple applications of antibacterial hand gel, they are usually very chapped and sore. In order to give them a bit of TLC I always carry hand cream around with me and apply it as often as possible. This L'Occitane one is a particular favourite of mine. It's rich, really soothes my hands, is not greasey and last ages. This is a great hand bag size version so it doesn't take up much space.

Soap and Glory Hand Maid
I always carry antibacterial hand gel around with me. You never know when you might need it- I always apply it before I eat. This Soap and Glory one is in a cute little bottle and it smells much nicer than other versions.

My beloved Carmex- my lips would be in a sorry state without it! I have a full blog post on it's amazingness here.

Charlie Bodyspray
As previously mentioned in another blog post, I am a huge fan of this Charlie body spray- it's only £1 and it smells gorgeous- great for freshening up throughout the day. 

John Frieda Volume Refresher Spray

This John Frieda Refresher spray really transforms my hair- I have done a full blog post on it here explaining how good it is. If it will fit in my handbag (obviously only if i'm carrying a big one that day) then I will always put it in, to give my hair a boost of life and volume throughout the day.
YSL Touche Eclat Concealer
This is my favourite concealer- I explain why in a blog post here, it really brightens up my eyes and stops me looking tired throughout the day.
Lancôme Blush Subtil
If I need to ensure I'm looking fresh and have colour in my cheeks at all times, I apply this Lancôme blusher. It's great as it comes with a handy mini brush so it's easy to quickly top up. I have already done a full blog post on how good this blusher is here if you want to read more about it. 

Clinique Powder 
This is one of my holy grail products, it makes a huge difference to my face when I apply it- I've got a full blog post on it here. I would feel lost without it if it wasn't in my bag.

Eyebrow Comb
I have quite unruly eyebrows so I like to keep a comb in my makeup bag to make sure I've not got fly-aways throughout the day!

Estee Lauder Lip Gloss
Last but not least, I always have a lip gloss in my bag- it just adds a touch of glamour to your outfit and a little bit of sparkle. This Estee Lauder one is a particularly lovely pink shade (06 Magnificient Mauve Shimmer Gloss) and it stays on my lips for ages.

Rosy x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara

I was quite excited to try this mascara as there’s been quite a lot of hype about it and I’m generally quite a fan of Lancôme mascaras. The shade that I have tried is 01 ‘Noir Midnight’, which is basically just a black one.

The tag line for this product is ‘Show Stopping Volume’, and I really can’t fault the mascara on delivering this. It adds so much volume and length- one of the best mascaras, if not the best, I’ve ever tried for this.

What I liked about this mascara is that it definitely made my lashes stand out and appeared to lengthen and thicken them. It stayed on all night and did not need to be reapplied at any stage. It certainly has a dramatic impact and makes a huge difference to my lashes and whole eye makeup look.

What I did not like about this mascara, is that it was a little bit clumpy and heavy to apply. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what is making me hesitate about saying I love it, but I think it is down to this.  

Overall, I did like the Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara and was really impressed by the volume it added to my lashes; it would be great for a dramatic eye look on a night out. However, it may be a little too heavy for me during the day.

Has anyone else tried this mascara? Or are there any other Lancôme mascaras that you can recommend?

Price for a full-size mascara: £21.00 (The one I have tried and shown in the picture is a sample).

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Essie Leading Lady Nail Polish


First and foremost, I absolutely love this colour. It’s so different; a classic red nail varnish with an intense shimmery twist. It really makes a statement yet it’s not too glittery so it does not look festive and therefore is not limited to December!

I had not tried an Essie nail varnish before and was quite surprised at how big the brush was compared to others I’ve used. This was a good thing though as it meant the nail varnish took less time to apply and fewer strokes.

I applied a nail strengthening base coat, then two coats of Essie Leading Lady, then finished with a top coat of clear nail varnish to make it last longer. It stayed on for 4 days without chipping.

I would sum this up as: a glittery nail varnish for all year round. It’s unique and bold; I felt like I had false nails on. It’s definitely my favourite nail polish ever!

What do you think? Has anyone else tried this nail varnish? What are your opinions on other Essie nail varnishes?

Price: £8 (Available at Boots)

One Coat of Essie Leading Lady
Two Coats of Essie Leading Lady

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