Monday, 14 January 2013

Benefit Posie Tint

This is such a cute and girly pink lip stain. Usually I go for quite light pink or beige lipsticks and lip glosses, so this was a nice change, and I was really impressed with the result! It is quite an intense burst of colour that I think will suit anybody.

I have never tried a lip stain before, but I found that it really was a great alternative to lipstick or lip gloss and lasts much longer on your lips. I prefer to use it on my lips but this can also be used as a cheek stain instead of blusher.

I really liked the colour of this stain; it instantly made my outfit more girly and brightened up my face. It did last a while on my lips as well, not smudging at all. It was really easy to apply: it looks like a nail varnish and you just sweep it across your bottom lip and then rub your lips together.

If you do want to add a bit of shine to your lips you can put your lip gloss over the top (it will not smudge the lip stain at all) and this will also make the colour last longer on your lips.

It is quite expensive but it lasts ages as you only use a small amount at the start of the day or night.
Price: £24.50 for 12.5 ml (The one I used was a smaller sample).

Rosy x


  1. I love all the Benefit Tints esp Posie & Benetint:) Woderful Blog Lovely xx


  2. Thanks hun! I know, really impressed with this tint, having never tried one before! May try Benetint now as well! x

  3. I use Benetint daily and I love it!! My best product. I even have the Pocket Pal ( for those midday top ups!

    Mwah xxx

  4. Aw really? I've only just discovered it! So impressed with how low maintenance it is- it lasts for hours! Thanks for the link, I like that that has a gloss with it too- and I really like the cheaper price lol, may be purchasing that version next! x

  5. I really love Cha Cha Tint especially in the summer time the bright coral complements my olive skintone. I think it would really suit you too, try and pick up a sample im sure you'll love it x

  6. I haven't tried the Cha Cha Tint either, really like the sound of that for summer though! Thanks for the tip! x


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