Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Revlon Charlie Pink Body Spray

I always carry a Charlie Pink Body Spray in my handbag. It smells gorgeous and is great to spray on during the day to freshen up and ensure that you always smell nice (I walk to work so it’s always the first thing I do when I get to the office!).

One of the best things about this body spray is the price- it’s only £1! A fantastic investment; the smell is refreshing, girly and surprisingly sophisticated. I always get lots of compliments after I’ve just sprayed it!

For only £1, obviously it does not last ages on your skin and I do spray this quite a few times a day. I don’t mind when I’m only spending such a little amount of money though, I don’t expect it to act like an expensive perfume. It’s definitely worth it, next time you’re in the supermarket or near a Boots/Superdrug, have a smell of it, you won’t be disappointed!

Does anyone else use this body spray? Or have any other recommendations?

Price: £1 (Available at most Supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug)


  1. I LOVE this body spray! I have been using it for years and I still think it's great, I have also tried the green one which is now my new favourite so would recommend that one too!

  2. Oh I haven't smelt the green one yet! Thanks will smell it next time i'm there! x


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