Friday, 11 January 2013

Clarins Hydra Matte Lotion For Combination Skin (Moisturiser)

I have combination-oily skin: my T-zone is oily but my cheeks get patchy when I put makeup on after a few hours, and my face always seems to be very shiny (not in a good way!). This moisturiser has proved to be a fantastic investment, making my skin look so much better. It ensures that face is mattified so it is not shiny, yet keeping it moisturised and not drying it out.

I would highly recommend this to anyone with oily or combination skin (they do two versions- one for oily skin and one for combination skin). It works amazing well; my skin feels moisturised and smooth after applying it, but not greasey. Other moisturisers that I’ve tried in the past for oily/ combination skin have either dried my face out too much or made it appear dull, so I am so relieved to have found this product.

Overall, I would sum it up as lightweight yet hydrating. It ensures a matte complexion and tightens pores, and, most importantly, controls shine.

I’ve been using it alongside the Clarins cleanser (see blogpost) and the Clarins Toning lotion for combination skin and it’s worked great.

Has anyone else got the same problem as me? Has anyone else tried this moisturiser or anything else from this range?

Price: £24


  1. Have you tried the Clarins Water Purify one step cleanser for combination skin? i reviewed it on my blog a while back - it's so lovely :) I also love the hydra matte lotion.
    Anna x

  2. Oooh no I haven't tried that one! I am a huge fan of Clarins skin care so will have a read of it on your blog now- thanks! x


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