Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cosmetic Sponges

Recently I’ve been applying my foundation with these makeup sponges from Boots. They ensure that my foundation goes on smoothly and make it much easier to blend. They provide a smooth and even finish, resulting in my foundation looking natural and fresh.

I have also been applying my primer with these sponges. If you have a trusty foundation brush that you want to put your foundation on with, these are great for the primer application beforehand (I used to just use my fingers and these sponges provide a much more even coverage!).

I wash them with my brush cleanser, but they are so cheap that it is easy to replace them quite often too.
Basically, these sponges are simple, understated and cheap items to have in your makeup box, they always come in handy and do make a difference to applying makeup- much better than doing it with your fingers!

Does anyone else apply their makeup with sponges like this?

Price: £1.75 from Boots (They come in a pack of four- I’ve just used the other three!)


  1. I don't no, I usually use a brush but I think sponges are a great idea for applying make up when you're layering up BB cream or whatever :) Pretty bargainous too aren't they!

    And if you ever stop by my blog, please do say hi :)

    Kerry x from Kerralina

  2. Yes, I agree, think they're great for applying my primer! I know, I tend to chop and change with these and brushes for foundation, but impressed with the finish they give- and yes, total bargain! Thanks for commenting x

  3. I used to use these exact sponges but I found they absorb too much of my foundation, its ridiculous to see how much product comes out of them when you wash them! x

  4. Oh really? I hadn't really thought about how much it was absorbing, I don't use too much- only two squirts- but will bear this in mind now! Thanks x

  5. I always find if you make the sponges damp before you use them then they don't soak up as much product!

  6. Oh thank you- what a great tip! Will definitely do this from now on! :) x

  7. You can buy big bags of these sponges in the pound shops. Im loving beauty blender sponges at the moment, have you tried those? X

  8. Great idea! Thanks so much, I was thinking yesterday that I need to buy them in bulk! x


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