Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Body shop Coconut Shower Gel and Jasmine Shower Gel

I’ve never really been into coconutty smells that much (I really don’t like Malibu so I don’t know if it’s due to this!) and, likewise, I’ve never bought any jasmine smelling products before. However, after smelling practically every product that was on sale in The Body Shop I decided that these two shower gels were definitely my favourite.

This may be starting to sound like a game of ‘I have never’ now, but I’ve never actually owned or tried a Body Shop shower gel before. I always love the smell of all their products so was quite excited about these two.  I can’t express how impressed I am with them- they feel like high-end shower gels: fantastic quality and gorgeous-smelling!

After trying out both of these shower gels this past week, I am now totally in love. If anything they smell even better when applying them than they did in the shop! I love that they go on really thick and therefore lather up really well, making a little squirt go a long way. I’ve tried some cheap shower gels recently and have been really frustrated at the fact that they are so liquidy; they simply slide off me and hardly lather up at all so just as much ends up down the drain as it does on my body! The difference in the quality is unbelievable- you’re actually saving money because such a smaller amount goes so much further on your body, so the bottle takes about five times as long to run out as a cheaper one would.

So these two really were a steal as I bought them in the sale. They feel really luxurious and much more expensive than they actually are; I will definitely buy more bottles, even at full price! I’m going straight back to The Body Shop to stock up while they’re still in the sale this week!

Has anyone else tried The Body Shop shower gels? What did you think?

Price: Coconut shower gel/ cream was £3.50 and the Jasmine shower gel was £3.25 – both in the sale (neither stated how much they were full price).  


  1. I loove the smell of jasmine! Need to have a sniff next time i'm in store. Great blog hun I'm now following! xx

  2. I'm the opposite of you, I looveee Malibu coconutty smells! This sounds really good :)

  3. MyLushBoxBarbz if you like kasmine you'll definitely love this! I'd definitely recommend it! Will check out your blog now :) xx

  4. Sophie Iobel... I may now be converted to coconut smells after this one! Thanks for commenting! xx

  5. I am a fan of Body Shop, I love almost all of its products, the gels as you say are very good and also perfumes especially the Musk.
    Kisses and if you visit my blog

  6. I'm also a big fan! Not tried their perfumes I must admit, will have a smell next time i'm in there- thanks!

    Will check out your blog now :)
    Rosy x


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