Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser

I think it’s really important to keep your makeup brushes clean and in good condition as it makes a huge difference when applying your makeup- obviously if they aren’t clean you are more likely to get spots and if they are cleaned by a harsh cleanser then the brushes can go out of shape or become damaged, and therefore not apply your makeup as smoothly.

That is why I love this Bobbi Brown cleanser. As the name suggests, this ‘conditioning’ cleanser is really gentle and soft on your brushes. It is designed for use on all bristle material- natural and synthetic- it will effectively ‘clean and care’ for both.

You only need a tiny bit (about a pea sized amount) and it foams up a lot, ensuring the brush is thoroughly cleansed. Because you’re using such a small amount each time it means that this will last ages- making sure you get your money’s worth!

It is a little expensive, but it does thoroughly clean the brushes and leaves them feeling really soft and smelling nice. Your makeup brushes are so important to your makeup application and I thought if I’m going to invest in some good makeup brushes then I want to look after them. This is exactly what this does. So yes, it’s a luxury and not essential, but it’s nice to have and to use.

Has anyone else tried this? What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?

Price: £11 (Available here or here).

Rosy x

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