Monday, 11 February 2013

Clarins Blemish Control Sticks

I often suffer with breakouts and spots, and so these Clarins ‘Blemish Control Sticks’ tempted me while I was browsing a few months ago.

They come in a pack of two, which is good because they are quite pricey and I don’t think I would be able to justify spending that much on one. This also means that you have the option of keeping one in your bag if you want to apply it during the day, and one on your bedside table to apply during your morning and evening beauty routines. In terms of practicality, they’re very easy to use as you can just apply it straight onto the spot as it is a roll-ball top.

The first thing I noticed about these sticks was that they smell really nice. I was expecting a harsh witch hazel/ TCP-type smell, but it’s actually quite flowery and refreshing. However, they do contain witch hazel, which is great for healing and drying out spots, as well as white nettle and wintergreen- all very natural ingredients, which I like.

Most importantly: do they work? I have definitely noticed a difference. I think my spots are much less noticeable when I apply this before I go to sleep and then again when I get up in the morning. The redness has gone down quite dramatically and the spots seem to be much smaller than they were and they heal up much quicker. Obviously this is not a miracle-cure for instantly getting rid of spots- there isn’t one. But what it does do is reduce the redness and swelling, make them visibly much smaller and gets rid of them faster.

In sum, I would definitely recommend these Blemish Control Sticks for anyone that suffers from breakouts. They last quite a long time too- I’m still on my first one and have been using it regularly for over a month now.

Has anyone else tried these? Does anyone have any recommendations for getting rid of spots or blemishes?

Price: £18.50 (You get two in a pack so it is actually good value for money).


  1. These look like something I'd definitely be interested in and I will definitely be having a closer look when I'm next at a clarins counter! xx

    1. Aw glad this post was useful :) Thanks for commenting and let me know what you think if you try them! xx

  2. Great informative review. Never heard of these before but will keep and eye out for them :D My tip for good skin is drink loads of water and eat your fruit and veg :D


    1. Thank you very much! So true, water is definitely the biggest help and I try to get my five a day too :) xx


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