Monday, 18 February 2013

Collection 2000 Nail Polish and Nail Stickers


I'm a big fan of navy nail varnish- it goes with everything and adds a grungey touch to your outfit. I've been wanting to experiment with nail stickers for a while, and these Broadway ones caught my eye in Boots as they were so girly and you got so many in the pack so could use them lots of times!

I chose this Collection 2000 nail polish because it was cheap and cheerful, and I love the colour. It's an intense navy and it has a simmer to it if you look closely. It is number 12 ‘Blue My  Mind'- LOVE the name haha!

The first thing I thought about the Collection 2000 nail polish was that it was quite tricky to apply; a lot of polish came out on the brush so you had to really scrape it off- but not too much so that you wouldn’t have enough on. Also, the brush itself was very thick, it felt quite clunky to hold and use. As a result my initial application was quite messy. It says‘up to 10 day wear’on the bottle- I was VERY dubious about this as usually my nail varnish lasts approximately 3 days without chipping (and that’s with a double coat and clear top coat!). In actual fact, this one also lasted 3 days without chipping, but for the price I am happy for this to last that long.

The nail stickers are great as there's so many of them and it's nice that there's lots of variation. They add a fun, quirky and unique touch to your nails that is not hard to do, and does not cost much money- winner!

How I Applied Them: I used a Boots Nail Strenthening base coat, then two coats of Collection 2000 Blue My Mind, then a top coat of Barry M Clear Coat. For the nails with the stickers on- I added the stickers after the second coat of the Collection 2000 polish, then applied the clear top coat over the top to secure them down.

On a side note, I do love this Barry M Clear Coat as it is 3 things in one: A nail hardener, a base coat and a top coat. So, you definitely get your money's worth, and it's nice to know that it's doing my nails good :)

What do you think? Has anyone else been experimenting with nail stickers? Do you fancy trying this? Is anyone else a fan of Collection 2000 nail polishes?

Prices: Collection 'Blue My Mind' £2.99,
Broadway Nail Stickers £2.99 (Available at Boots),
Boots strengthening nail strength solution £4.20,
Barry M Clear coat £2.99.


  1. The nail stickers are just adorable. I use Collection 2000 for french manicures cause they do lovely neutral shades. xxx

    1. Thank you! Ooh, I will have a look at their neutral next :) x

  2. I love navy polish! I mean I like everything blue really :D
    Pretty nails!

  3. These look adorable! Very cute look for spring!

  4. Your nails look really lovely - have never used nail stickers but i'm rubbish at nail art so theyre right up my street xx

    1. Aw thank you! Haha, me too- or rather one hand always looks much better than the other so it's not a great look overall! These nail stickers are a great solution to that- they're so easy to apply and look really professional! x


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