Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Great Beauty Items For Under £10- Post #1

This is the first post of my series featuring beauty products that I have tried, liked, and will be repurchasing, all for under £10.

Soap and Glory Hand Food (£5)
-I love the smell of this hand cream and it works amazingly. It's not greasy at all, and it really softens and moisturises my chapped hands. (Full review here)

The Body Shop Shower Gels (£4)
-The Body Shop shower gels always smell amazing and are a real treat to wash with. They are thick so last a long time too :) This Jasmine one is one of my faves! (Full review here)

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spray (£9)
-This face spray is really refreshing, I spray it on in the morning and it brightens my face as well as wakes me up! It's particularly good during the summer or for holidays.

John Frieda Anytime Volume Refresher Spray (£5.50)
-I use this volume spray everyday after I've straightened my hair. It gives it a huge lift, making it easy to style and adding lots of texture (Full Review here)

No 7 eyeliners (£7.25)
-I have been using these No 7 eyeliners for years- I love them, they never smudge  (Full review here)

Blotting sheets (Approx £1.99)
-These are fantastic for combating shine and oily skin during the day. I keep them in my handbag and simply dab onto my face when it's looking greasey (Full review here)

Carmex (Approx £1.30)
-This is a little wonder product- it keeps my lips soft and not chapped all year round, I'd be lost without it! (Full review here)

Essie Nail Varnishes (£8)
-My favourite nail varnishes at the moment! I love the intensity and strength of the colours, and they last about 4 days without chipping! (Full reviews of some here)

Broadway Nail Stickers (£2.99)
-A great way to make your nails look interesting and creative without much faff or effort! (Full review here)

John Frieda Hair Dye (£9.99)
-This is my favourite brand of hair dye to do at home. It is easy to apply with the foam formula, hardly any mess, and the colour stays vibrant for at least a month. I particularly love the Dark Red Brown shade! (Full review here)

Rimmel Acopolips (£5.99)
-There's been a lot of hype about these, but for a very good reason: they're fab! The colours are intense, they're not sticky at all and they last quite a long time on your lips! (Full review here)

What do you think of this series? Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I love Soap and Glory too! :) That body shop body wash sounds right up my street might have to get some of that!

    I love Carmex too! I'm using the cherry one at the mo mmmmm

    Great post :)

    Siobhan xxxx


    1. Aw thanks hun- sounds like we've got pretty similar tastes! The cherry Carmex is my fave :) And I'd definitely recommend trying The Body Shop shower gels- they smell amazing! x

  2. great review, I love Soap&Glory!! I did a review on my blog on their skincare range. I love the body shop too their shower gels are lush.

    Rebecca x


  3. nice post :) do you know if the No7 liner comes in a bronze or plum like shade? x


    1. Thanks! It comes in a 'Blackest purple' shade but not bronze or plum I'm afraid. x

  4. What a great idea!! Lovely post!

    This week I’ve blogged about a biscotti recipe, Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten, DIY memory boards, Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Rose Gold, Summer
    Yankee Candles, Real Techniques Expert Face Brushes and a FOTD. http://missstephanieusher.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. Lovely post!! I love the Apocalips lacquers, they glide on so smoothly and aren't too sticky either!

    Elise Dopson // UK beauty fashion and lifestyle Xxx

    1. Thanks hun, I know, really impressed with the one I've got (Luna) will be buying more- hate it when lipgloss sticks to your hair! :) xx

  6. Some great bargain buys :)


  7. TBS Shower Gels & Carmex Lipbalm are my HG products! xx

    1. Carmex has been mine for years- my lips would be so dry without it! And really loving the Body Shop shower gels too :) xx

  8. I have recently discovered Soap & Glory Hand Food and I love it too, it smells delicious! :)



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