Friday, 29 March 2013

Betrousse Beauty Box

Betrousse Beauty Box*
When the lovely people at Betrousse got in touch with me asking if they could send me one of their monthly beauty boxes I was excited and intrigued. I had never heard of this company before but have now found out that they are a French company that have recently launched over here in the UK. They send out beauty boxes each month to their subscribers.

First of all, I was really impressed with the fact that the products in there were all full size! Other beauty boxes that I have seen usually send sample or travel sizes, so I feel like this one is better value for money in that respect. They arrived in a lovely box with lots of tissue paper to ensure that the products aren’t damaged.

In my box I received (prices in brackets are the RRP prices):
-Forte Pharma UK Diet pills (£29.95)
-Transfer tattoos (£5)
-Saffron London Crackle Nail Polish (75p)
-Charme D'Orient Relaxing Body Massage Cream (£16)
-Laboratoire LDA-Soins Experts Hydra Cream Expert Moisturiser (£34)
-Skinetica Anti-Blemish Cleanser (£9.99)
-Face Mask (1.49)

I am not interested in diet pills so I threw those away, but the other things were all things that I would use, and I was impressed by the amount of things that I was given in the box and, like I said, the big sizes!I haven't heard of many of the brands before but that's because they are French, which has a good reputation for skin care products, so I look forward to trying them.

The massage lotion was lovely and moisturising, and it wasn’t greasy at all- I did receive a lovely massage off my boyfriend all in the name of blogging haha! I haven't tried the other products yet but will blog about them when I do :)

Betrousse do a few different kinds of boxes depending on what you want- their cheapest is £10 and for that you get 5 full size products. The others are £19, whereby you get either 7 or 9 full size products. You can choose to get an organic box, a pretty box, a glamour box and a few more. Their website is here if you want a look.

Has anyone heard of Betrousse before? What do you think about this box? Has anyone tried any of these products?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: Benefit The POREfessional Primer


There has been a lot of hype about the Benefit The POREfessional primer and so, instead of buying my usual That Gal primer from Benefit- which I love (review here)- I decided to try this one.

The point of a primer: primers are used on top of moisturiser, underneath foundation, in order to keep your makeup on longer and the application of your foundation smoother, and to stop your face from becoming too shiny throughout the day. I swear by primers- they make a huge amount of difference to your makeup- especially its durability.

The Benefit Porefessional states that it will minimise the appearance of fine lines and the appearance of pores. I like that it is oil-free because I have quite oily skin, so this seemed like it would act as a good mattifier. For some reason I expected this to be white coloured. It comes out a nude colour (as you can see in the photo) but when you put it onto your face it’s actually transparent- this means it will suit all skin colours.The first thing I noticed about this primer when applying it was how ridiculous soft it made my skin feel. Like silk, honestly. It's almost too soft for me really- a little bit artificial. Yet with it on, my face looked bright and fresh. 

It did make my pores look less visible but I can’t really comment too much on this aspect of the primer because I do not have very big pores on my face anyway. I expected more of a coverage if i'm honest, but it does work well with foundation over the top, so I would use it as a base rather than on its own. I have not got many lines on my face either, but the ones I do have it did smooth them out, so I was happy with the primer in this respect. 

As I said, I have quite oily skin so the big test for me was whether or not the primer would stop my face from being too shiny and whether it would keep my makeup on all day. I was very impressed with Porefessional in relation to both these things. My makeup stayed put for most of the day without a top-up needed. The lack of oil certainly mattified my face, so much so that I would probably not recommend it to people with dry skin because it does make sure skin look much drier- it's like it sucked out all the oil!

All in all, I liked this primer and it did do a lot of what it promised. I'm not blown away by it however, and can't decide whether I like it more than 'That Gal'- maybe not.

Has anyone else tried Porefessional? What are your thoughts? Does it minimise your pores or diminish the appearance of your lines? I'd love to hear other people's opinions on this!

Price: £23.50

Rosy x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Book Review: Oh Dear Silvia - Dawn French

I found this book really easy to read as there are so many different character narrators that it really breaks it up. I read it on the train to Birmingham and it made it go very fast! The plot is very interesting- about a woman (Silvia) in a coma and all the different visitors that come. We slowly get to piece together what has happened in her life and how exactly she ended up in a coma.

*Spoiler Alert*
It’s clever how Dawn French makes the reader hate Silvia initially and make you think that Cat is the only one who likes her and is nice to her (even though Silvia apparently “bullies” her too). I actually really pitied Cat at the start. She is a doctor, generally a person that you would respect and trust, and a person who has been abused by her father and brother and then later her husband. However, throughout the book there is a gradual yet noticeable shift in Cat’s behaviour as she becomes more and more psychotic- along with some very shocking and exciting twists!

So, it turns out Cat is actually a leech that has been sucking the life out of Silvia for five years. Now this is just my opinion, but I thought it was very clever how, in her desperate state to get cocaine, Cat scrapes the dirt and filth from the bottom of her bag and rubs it on her gums. She then spits on Silvia’s face. The next chapter sees Silvia with an infection- one that is just explained as something that she must have picked up because her immune system is so low. So, is it just me, or does Cat give her that infection by spitting dirt/ germs on her face? This is a rather fitting (yet tragic and sad) end for Silvia, who has been slowly killed by Cat mentally for the last five years, and then physically by the balcony push and finally the spit. It also could symbolise that it was actually Cat’s verbal abuse that was in fact her most deadly weapon- more so than her physical abuse, as this didn’t actually kill Silvia.

I thought Willow was adorable and laughed out loud when she drew a cat on Silvia’s face.I was glad that Ed/ Cassie/ Jamie all made peace with Silvia before she died. It was very emotional at the end. It highlighted the strong bond and the love of the family, and that no matter what happens, that unconditional love will never go away.Tia was hilarious- definitely my favourite character! I laughed out loud when she read out the gossip magazines and gave her opinion on everything! Jo really annoyed me- idiot woman, I skim read her chapters to be honest. I also found Ed very boring- enough about trees already! Although I did like his and Winnie’s blossoming relationship, that was a lovely touch and a happy side to sad ending.

*Spoiler part over*

Altogether, I would say this is a very easy read, there’s a bit of everything in it- life, death, the family, coupled with a touch of mystery and humour. 

Rosy x

Monday, 25 March 2013

Makeup Brushes


It has only really been in the last year that I have come to appreciate how important makeup brushes are to your makeup application. And it has only really been the last six months that I have come to understand how many different kinds there are and all their uses. Now that I have finally grasped what each one does, and found a set that I am happy with, I want to share it with you.

Origins Foundation Brush
I am not actually a fan of traditional foundation brushes. I have never achieved a completely flawless look with them, but maybe that's just me. I use this foundation brush instead to apply my face primer. It provides a smooth base, ready for my foundation. If I was to skip any of my brushes, it would probably be this one, I do not think it's essential as you can apply primer with your fingers just fine.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush 
This brush is a god-send in the makeup world. I haven't spoken to a beauty blogger yet that doesn't recommend the Real Techniques brushes (this one comes as part of the 'Core Collection'- pictured above- which costs £21.99 and is available at Boots or on Amazon). The Buffing Brush applies my foundation so smoothly and produces such a natural finish that it almost looks like my face has been airbrushed. I can't recommend this brush any more- I urge you to try it, you'll never look back!

 The Body Shop Powder Brush
The thickness and softness of this brush makes it fantastic for applying loose powder. I spread the brush head over the top of my loose powder and then shake it to get the powder on it, then sweep it lightly across all my face and down to my neck. This sets the foundation really well.

Real Techniques Contour Brush 
This also comes as part of the 'Core Collectiion' set. I use it to create a contour line across my cheek with bronzer. The head is quite small so the line (which is just underneath my cheek bone) adds definition to my cheek bones, and then I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply a little more bronzer all over to blend it in better. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush
I use this to sweep bronzer all over my face, concentrating on my cheeks mostly, but also on my forehead and neck to achieve a healthy glow. You do have to buy this one separately but it only costs about £9 (from Amazon or Boots).

The Body Shop Blusher Brush
Again, the softness and the size of this brush is fantastic, I've had it years and it's still in great condition. I use it to apply my blusher on the balls of my cheeks and then to sweep it up towards my temples.

Real Techniques Setting Brush
I use this to apply my highlighter. It's small and thin so is a great size for highlighter- you don't want a really shiny face, just some parts to be emphasised and highlighted. I sweep it across the top of my cheeks (above my blusher) and then on the brow bones, down the centre of my nose and then a dab on my cupid's bow.

The Body Shop and Lancome Eyeshadow Brushes
These are great for sweeping the eyeshadow across my lids. I would particularly recommend The Body Shop one, it works fantastically well with my Naked Basics palette. Eyeshadow brushes in general produce a better finish than the small sponge ones that come with a lot of eyeshadows so it is worth investing in a few.

Cleaning the Brushes
I use the Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush cleanser (full review here) to clean my brushes and it works a treat. In between washes I use the Bobbi Brown Brush Cleansing Spray (full review here) which is basically like an antibacterial spray for brushes- great for when you're going away or if you drop your brushes on the floor.

What brushes do you use? Is anyone else a big fan of the Real Techniques brushes?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

OPI "Shatter" Nail Polish


I was so disappointed with this. I am a big fan of the Barry M Crackle and Croc nail effects and expected this OPI one to produce similar results. As you can see from the photos of two different nails that I put it on, it just looks a bit cheap. Each nail looked different, which I found a bit strange as I applied the same amount on each and in the same way.

It didn't last long on my nails and started chipping quite quickly. I don't think the "shatter effect" works well in red to be honest, so maybe the results would have been better for a black one. However, in the future I think I will be sticking to Barry M for fairly cheap and creative nail effects.

Has anyone else tried the OPI shatter polishes? What did you think?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Brand Review: Clinique

HITS: 7 Day Scrub (Exfoliator)
HITS: Eye Makeup Remover
HITS: All About Eyes
HITS: Precious Posy Blusher

HITS: Superpowder Double Face Powder

HITS: Eyeshadow (Foxy)

HITS: High Impact Mascara
MISSES: Anti-blemish Solutions Foundation

My brand review this month is Clinique. The HITS are all products that I have used, liked and will buy again, whereas the MISSES are products that I have used but will not be repurchasing.

7 Day Scrub Exfoliator 
-This is a great exfoliator as you can just keep it in the shower so you never forget! It leaves your skin feeling very soft and very clean. (Full review here).

Eye Makeup Remover
-My favourite makeup remover; it's soft and gentle, but still removes all your eye makeup (and I wear a lot sometimes!). (Full review here).

All about eyes
-This soothing balm is lovely to put under your eyes at night. It helps reduce dark circles and keeps my eyes moisturised.

Precious Posy Blusher
-One of my favourite ever blushers! It's a gorgeous, girly colour that adds a real healthy glow to your cheeks. (Full review here).

Double Face Powder
-One of my holy grail products, I always have this powder in my bag for touch-ups during the day. It's a great level of coverage, quite thick but not so that it looks caked on. (Full review here).

Eyeshadow (Shade: Foxy) 
-A lovely shade that is great for the day or night. (Full review here).

High Impact Mascara
-A great mascara, it adds volume and thickness to your lashes. (Full review here).

Anti-blemish Foundation 
-For me personally, this did not blend well on my skin, resulting in a patchy application. It may be different on people with more oily skin, although mine’s definitely oily-combination. (Full review here).

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