Monday, 18 March 2013

Brand Review: Clinique

HITS: 7 Day Scrub (Exfoliator)
HITS: Eye Makeup Remover
HITS: All About Eyes
HITS: Precious Posy Blusher

HITS: Superpowder Double Face Powder

HITS: Eyeshadow (Foxy)

HITS: High Impact Mascara
MISSES: Anti-blemish Solutions Foundation

My brand review this month is Clinique. The HITS are all products that I have used, liked and will buy again, whereas the MISSES are products that I have used but will not be repurchasing.

7 Day Scrub Exfoliator 
-This is a great exfoliator as you can just keep it in the shower so you never forget! It leaves your skin feeling very soft and very clean. (Full review here).

Eye Makeup Remover
-My favourite makeup remover; it's soft and gentle, but still removes all your eye makeup (and I wear a lot sometimes!). (Full review here).

All about eyes
-This soothing balm is lovely to put under your eyes at night. It helps reduce dark circles and keeps my eyes moisturised.

Precious Posy Blusher
-One of my favourite ever blushers! It's a gorgeous, girly colour that adds a real healthy glow to your cheeks. (Full review here).

Double Face Powder
-One of my holy grail products, I always have this powder in my bag for touch-ups during the day. It's a great level of coverage, quite thick but not so that it looks caked on. (Full review here).

Eyeshadow (Shade: Foxy) 
-A lovely shade that is great for the day or night. (Full review here).

High Impact Mascara
-A great mascara, it adds volume and thickness to your lashes. (Full review here).

Anti-blemish Foundation 
-For me personally, this did not blend well on my skin, resulting in a patchy application. It may be different on people with more oily skin, although mine’s definitely oily-combination. (Full review here).


  1. I love Clinique! Their "take the day off" is amazing. and I use their "redness solutions" which work like a dream.

    1. Aw me too- as you can probably tell from the lack of 'misses' here! Ooo I haven't tried their 'redness soloutions'- will have a look for that, thanks hun! :) xxx

  2. I love the Clinique makeup remover. It was my very first. :)

  3. I LOVE the 7 day scrub! I found the clinique 3 step anti blemish system a big dissapointment x


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