Friday, 1 March 2013

John Frieda Hair Dye- Dark Red Brown

My natural hair colour is dark mousey brown, so I usually dye it a more vibrant brown to add shine and to make it look healthier- as my natural colour is quite dull. I fancied a slight change this month, so instead of buying my usual John Frieda shade of ‘Dark Chocolate Brown’ I opted for ‘Dark Red Brown’.

Hair colour experts always say you shouldn’t go more than two shades different to your natural colour to make sure that it really suits you, and so I always abide by this rule when buying hair dye.

I am a huge fan of the John Frieda hair dyes. They are so easy to use. The foam formula ensures that it is not messy and that the coverage is even. You simply squirt a tennis ball amount onto your hand (gloves are provided in the kit) and massage it into your hair. You wait 20 minutes and then simply wash it off in the shower. You then add the conditioning treatment, which you can use once a week thereafter to keep your colour bright and in good condition- this lasts me ages (at least 2 months)- it really softens your hair and makes it shine.

I absolutely love this colour, it is so warm and makes my hair look nice and healthy, I will definitely be buying it again. 

What do you think? Has anyone else tried John Frieda hair dyes? What are your favourite hair dyes?

Price: £9.99 (Available at Boots and Superdrug).

Rosy x


  1. That's a great colour on you! I've used the John Frieda foam hair dyes before and I agree, they are really easy to use!

    1. Aw thanks hun! They really are, prefer them to any others I've tried :) xx


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