Monday, 25 March 2013

Makeup Brushes


It has only really been in the last year that I have come to appreciate how important makeup brushes are to your makeup application. And it has only really been the last six months that I have come to understand how many different kinds there are and all their uses. Now that I have finally grasped what each one does, and found a set that I am happy with, I want to share it with you.

Origins Foundation Brush
I am not actually a fan of traditional foundation brushes. I have never achieved a completely flawless look with them, but maybe that's just me. I use this foundation brush instead to apply my face primer. It provides a smooth base, ready for my foundation. If I was to skip any of my brushes, it would probably be this one, I do not think it's essential as you can apply primer with your fingers just fine.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush 
This brush is a god-send in the makeup world. I haven't spoken to a beauty blogger yet that doesn't recommend the Real Techniques brushes (this one comes as part of the 'Core Collection'- pictured above- which costs £21.99 and is available at Boots or on Amazon). The Buffing Brush applies my foundation so smoothly and produces such a natural finish that it almost looks like my face has been airbrushed. I can't recommend this brush any more- I urge you to try it, you'll never look back!

 The Body Shop Powder Brush
The thickness and softness of this brush makes it fantastic for applying loose powder. I spread the brush head over the top of my loose powder and then shake it to get the powder on it, then sweep it lightly across all my face and down to my neck. This sets the foundation really well.

Real Techniques Contour Brush 
This also comes as part of the 'Core Collectiion' set. I use it to create a contour line across my cheek with bronzer. The head is quite small so the line (which is just underneath my cheek bone) adds definition to my cheek bones, and then I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply a little more bronzer all over to blend it in better. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush
I use this to sweep bronzer all over my face, concentrating on my cheeks mostly, but also on my forehead and neck to achieve a healthy glow. You do have to buy this one separately but it only costs about £9 (from Amazon or Boots).

The Body Shop Blusher Brush
Again, the softness and the size of this brush is fantastic, I've had it years and it's still in great condition. I use it to apply my blusher on the balls of my cheeks and then to sweep it up towards my temples.

Real Techniques Setting Brush
I use this to apply my highlighter. It's small and thin so is a great size for highlighter- you don't want a really shiny face, just some parts to be emphasised and highlighted. I sweep it across the top of my cheeks (above my blusher) and then on the brow bones, down the centre of my nose and then a dab on my cupid's bow.

The Body Shop and Lancome Eyeshadow Brushes
These are great for sweeping the eyeshadow across my lids. I would particularly recommend The Body Shop one, it works fantastically well with my Naked Basics palette. Eyeshadow brushes in general produce a better finish than the small sponge ones that come with a lot of eyeshadows so it is worth investing in a few.

Cleaning the Brushes
I use the Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush cleanser (full review here) to clean my brushes and it works a treat. In between washes I use the Bobbi Brown Brush Cleansing Spray (full review here) which is basically like an antibacterial spray for brushes- great for when you're going away or if you drop your brushes on the floor.

What brushes do you use? Is anyone else a big fan of the Real Techniques brushes?


  1. I have heard so much about the Real Techniques brushes. I really want to try them. I'm really wanting a nice set of Sigma ones, but I could get the Real Techiniques brushes for a fraction of the price.


    1. I've been so so impressed with the Real Techniques ones- honestly I'd really recommend them :) they're fantastic value for money considering the quality you get! I've not tried any Sigma ones but also heard good things about them though! Thanks for commenting hun- let me know which ones you decide to go for! x

  2. The Real Techniques brushes are seriously some of the best I've tried, especially as they're such good value for money!
    I've been eyeing up the Bobbi Brown brush cleanser, for a while now. I've used MAC for ages, so I need to mix it up and see if there are any better out there! Sounds like it's a hit :)


  3. I nearly have the same brushes as you! I have the body shop ones which is the face and body brush and the eye shadow brush and then the real techniques. I recommend getting the eye core collection from them also, they are amazing.




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