Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Review: Rimmel Apocolips

I’ve heard a lot of good things from other beauty bloggers about Rimmel’s new lip glosses- their Apocolips range- and so decided to give them a try. I love the name too- little, clever puns like that always make me smile :)

I bought ‘Luna’, which is a peachy shade, it's quite unique and I think it's a colour that will suit most people- it's perfect for during the day. I was quite surprised when I first put it on as it’s so bright! It really makes an impact! I must admit I was slightly nervous at first, as I didn't want my lips to look bright orange, but then once you smooth it into your lips it looks much more natural. I was also slightly surprised at the result as well; I expected it to be more of a lipgloss but in fact it looked like I was wearing lipstick with a slight shine to it. I liked this because it’s different- usually I do wear lipglosses so this was a nice change. I was really impressed at how long it stayed on for, the tint was on my lips for at least an hour without reapplying it.

They don’t break the bank- £5.99 is great value for money- and are very intense bursts of colour that last a while on your lips, so I would definitely recommend trying them!

Has anyone else tried Rimmel's Apocolips? Any other colour recommendations? The pinks and the reds all look really nice!

Price: £5.99 (Available at Boots and Superdrug)

Rosy x


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