Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Wardrobe Staples

These items are my wardrobe staples: what I think should form the backbone and the basis of everyone's clothing collection. With these pieces you will always have something to wear, they will go with anything that you buy, so they really are worth investing in. 

First up is my leather jacket. This is my favourite item of clothing (regular readers may have gathered that from the amount of outfit posts that it features in!). I was lucky enough to get it as a birthday present a few years ago (granted I did give my lovely boyfriend a little help picking it!) but it is something that I will keep forever. It only looks better with age- as all good quality leather does, so it really is worth saving up to buy a real leather one as it goes with everything, always looks good and it keeps you really warm!

Next up is the black blazer. This little bad boy is so versatile; from adding a smart-chic look to jeans, to complementing a dress for work. Again, good quality shows in the blazer and it is worth the investment as it goes with so much and will keep for a very long time. 

The denim jacket is my next staple item. It generally replaces my leather jacket or black blazer during the summer months when its a little warmer. It looks great over dresses or with skirts and tops. 

Next, quite simply, is a nice black and a nice white top. The one's pictured are two that I am wearing a lot and loving at the moment. They do not necessarily have to be expensive- the white one shown here is from Topshop and the black one is from New Look- and you can never have too many. They go with EVERYTHING and are essential for teaming with statement trousers/ leggings/ skirts/ jackets. 

Finally, I think a well-fitting pair of jeans is an essential in anyone's wardrobe. The ones pictured are from Diesel and they fit like a glove (which is saying something for me because I have bigger thighs and a smaller waist, meaning that most jeans end up sliding down my bum when I sit down!). Although jeans probably won't last you forever, a good pair will be worn over and over again so I do think it is worth spending a bit more on them. When cheaper ones have been washed quite a few times then they tend to go a bit baggy/ out of shape. Saying that, Miss Selfridge's skinny jeans at approximately £37 are really comfortable and flattering on me- but then I haven't had them very long so time will tell how they last- at that price I don't mind buying them again in about a year!

So, they are my wardrobe staples. What do you think? Do you own all these items? Do you think there are any other staples that I haven't mentioned? I can think of a few that are possibles but I'm saving that for another post!


  1. Great combination! I would add a pair of smart trousers or skirt to cover pretty much every occasion.

    1. Good idea- I already have a little list of some other wardrobe essentials so stay tuned for another post in this area! :) xx

  2. my leather jacket is my no.1 staple!

    1. Aw me too! I LOVE it- it is my favourite item of clothing as it goes with absolutely everything :) xx


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