Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel

First of all, this shower gel smells amazing! One of the nicest shower gels I've ever smelt- EVER! It’s also quite a big bottle so it does last ages and I feel like I've got my money's worth.

A big plus about Clean on Me is that it contains body lotion. This means it is more creamy than sudsy so it doesn’t lather up as much. I don’t mind this, as it is thick enough so that it does not just run down the drain like cheap shower gels do, you can rub it in all over your body and it stretches quite far.

It does make my skin feel soft, although I do still need to use body lotion afterwards. It cleans my skin well without stripping it so it does not feel dry or tight when I'm dry. The only thing I wish is that the scent stayed on my skin longer, I can never smell it on me when I get out of the shower.

All in all, for the smell alone I will buy this again, but I think The Body Shop ones smell very nice too (especially the satsuma and the jasmine ones!) and feel slightly better quality.

Who else uses or has used this shower gel? What do you think about it?

Price: £5.50


  1. I was tempted to pick this up in Boots today bnut wasn't sure! Might just pop and get it me tomorrow :) x

  2. I'm loving soap and glory at the moment x

  3. I aaaadore Clean On Me, I've been using it ever since I can remember!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels


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