Thursday, 20 June 2013

L'Occitane Protective Lip Gloss

I love all L'Occitane handcreams and any products that they do for the body, so I was quite excited to use this lip gloss as I expected it to be amazingly moisturising for my lips.

The Pros: It is really moisturising, my lips feel really soft and nourished after applying it. I really like that it has an SPF 15 in it as well. It also looks nice on, not too shiny, just a simple light gloss on your lips.

The Cons: It tastes horrible! It's like that chemical taste, you know if you kiss someone where their perfume/ aftershave is and get that nasty taste? That's what it tastes like and I can't help but get that taste in my mouth! It really puts me off the product and I won't be repurchasing it because of this.

So, overall, this lip gloss is great for the lips, making them soft and shiny, but, personally I can't stand the taste. L'Occitane: please make it taste nice and then you will have a perfect product!

Has anyone else tried any L'Occitane's lip glosses or balms? What did you think? Does anyone have any other recommendations for good lip glosses or balms?


  1. Oh no! I hate that taste. That's such a shame because I really do need a good lip balm as my lips keep drying out in the sun. I love the way you did this post, it's so quick and simplistic! :)
    Mia xo

  2. This sounds exactly like the Kiehl's lipbalm - so moisturising but the taste and small is so bloody gross!

    Such a shame!

    Thanks for sending over your link in the #fblchat

    Ambi xx

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  3. I've never tried this, but that definitely puts me off - such a shame! xx


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