Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Glossybox


I must admit I am disappointed with this month's Glossybox, especially as it was their 2 year anniversary box. I wouldn't buy any of the items individually and so I can't help but feel that my £13 could have been better spent elsewhere.

The best item in this box is undoubtedly the La Roche Posay Dry Touch Gel Cream. This is a suncream which will be great for my holiday this year, and La Roche Posay is brand that I feel does excellent skincare. Yet, I received a suncream in the last box so I am not overexcited by this. There is also a sample of Beautiful Movements Cosmetics 'Prime and Create Mixing Medium'. I like trying out new primers in order to keep my makeup on all day and so will be interested to see how this one works. I only wish there was a little more of it as this sample will only provide about two uses.

The Stone Beauty Jasmine Body Lotion smells nice and I will use it, but Stone Beauty is not a brand that I have heard of before. The Jelly Pong Pong Mascara looks good and I'm pleased that it's a full size product. I look forward to trying it and reviewing it in the future, although I would not have bought it myself. Also, I don't really like the colour of the Headline Colours nail varnish and so I don't think I will wear it, which is a shame.

I have decided to cancel my Glossybox subscription as I do not really use the products that I have received over the last few months. I would rather spend the £13 on a product that I want and will definitely use. 

What do you think? Does anyone else subscribe to Glossybox? What did other people get in their box?

Price: £12.95 including P+P


  1. I got a really bright blue colour of the nail polish, which I know I won't use.
    I also got the primer, nail files and the mascara but I got a shine spay for my hair too which was full size.

    You should try Birchbox! Exactly the same concept but better products I think

  2. I've cancelled my glossy box after this months one as all, thinking along the same lines as you that I could buy something else that I would definitely use
    Kirsty x

  3. I love the colour of the nail polish :P The rest of the box is grand. I'm not familiar with most of the brands either so that's a bit annoying. You can't really go out and repurchase if you like a product straight away :/

  4. I love this post, think I may have to sub to glossy box!


    Just followed too! xx


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