Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shu Uemura Fresh High Performance Cleansing Oil

This cleanser is literally a miracle product. I know it sounds slightly ridiculous to be so excited by a cleanser but this truly is AMAZING. Literally, strong words cannot do this product justice, it is now my holy grail skincare product. I wear a lot of eye makeup on nights out, and one wash with this gets it all off- no eye makeup remover required. Amazing.

I discovered this cleanser when reading Instyle magazine, as it was awarded the best cleanser/ makeup remover award by the beauty team. I have since read other articles raving about it, including one by Lady Gaga's makeup artist who says she uses it on her every night to get rid of all her stage makeup- now do you believe me when I say how effective this is?! 

I must admit I was sceptical at first, for two main reasons: 1. I did not think a cleanser would be able to remove my eye makeup completely, and 2. I thought, surely it would sting a little when it gets in my eyes? It does remove all my makeup- including Benefit They're Real mascara (renound for being hard to get off) and black eyeliner- completely, and it does not sting at all, even when rubbing it on my lower lash line. When it gets in your eyes all that happens is it goes slightly cloudy for a second, but you cannot feel anything. 

The Brand: Shu Uemura is a Japanese skincare brand. Their oil-based cleanser is their bestselling product, and became famous as it was used on film stars to remove heavy stage makeup in the 1950s.  

What it is: An oil-based cleanser that removes make-up and impurities inside pores while keeping skin moisturised. I have oily skin and so was slightly worried that it would make my skin even oilier but it doesn't at all, it is lightweight and my skin feels clean and soft after using it. One of the best things about this cleanser is that you can buy the one to suit your skin type. Like I said, I have oily skin so the pink one suits my skin, but there is also one for dry skin, dull skin, normal skin and ageing concerns. Although it is pricey for a cleanser, you are getting two products in one as it is a makeup remover as well, and it does last ages so I think it's worth it.

How it works: Simply squirt one or two pumps into your (clean) hands, rub them together and then rub all over your dry face, massaging it in everywhere including your eyes. Splash your face with water and keep rubbing it in, as your face gets wet the cleanser starts working. Wash your face as normal. So easy and quick! I use my toner and moisturiser after it as normal.

All that remains to be said is that this Shu Uemura cleanser is one of the best things I've ever bought and I will be buying it again and again. Try it, you'll be amazed.

Has anyone else tried this? If anyone fancies buying it/ does buy it now please let me know, I love talking about it!

Price: £29.50 for 150ml or £59 for 450ml (Available online at www.shuuemura.co.uk, www.houseoffraser.co.uk, www.selfridges.com and in-store at Harvey Nichols and Harrods).


  1. This sounds lovely - I'd definitely try it! Currently loving the Clarins pure melt gel cleanser xxx


    1. It really is amazing, i'd really recommend it! I haven't tried the Clarins melt cleanser but I'm a huge fan of Clarins so will look out for that one, thanks hun :) x x


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