Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stargazer Nail Polish in Neon Orange


Stargazer was not a brand that I had heard of until they contacted me asking if I would like to try out some of their products. I happily accepted and was sent a bundle of things, including this gorgeous nail polish. I absolutely love this colour, it is shade 205 which is part of their Summer Orchid range (you can buy it here). Having checked out the brand a lot since they contacted me, I must say I'm really impressed at what I've seen. They certainly look like a bold, party brand, selling lots of intense metallic and pastel colours, all at extremely affordable prices!

I am having a bit of a love affair with neon orange at the moment, it just goes with everything and looks so cool, I swear whenever I wear it (whether it be on my nails, on jewellery or clothes) I end up smiling! This colour is unusual though because it has a touch of pink in it, so in some lights it's hard to tell whether it is pink or orange- I like that it's a bit different like this :) The nail varnish lasted 3-4 days without chipping at all (and that's without me even adding a top coat as I'd run out!). The applicator brush is nice and big so it's easy to apply the nail polish and the colour is very bright and pigmented. It dried surprisingly quickly as well- a huge plus for me as I hate waiting around for nail varnish to dry!

Overall, I'm hugely impressed with this brand; £2.00 is a bargain as I think the amount of time it lasts on your nails, coupled with the bold colour, makes it worth much more. There are absolutely loads of nail polishes on Stargazer's website, ranging from £2.00 to £3.00, in every colour under the sun. I will certainly be buying some other shades now!

What do you think of this colour? Does anyone else fancy getting some Stargazer products now?

Price: £2.00*

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Birthday OOTD: Aztec and Neon

Dress: Topshop
Bag: Primark
Necklace: Portobello Market
Shoes: Get The Label *

It was my birthday last week and I was lucky enough to receive these stunning shoes from Get the Label and this gorgeous dress as a present from my friend. They are a match made in heaven! Wearing these two items together made me feel a million dollars- just as special as you should feel on your birthday.

I've been loving orange for a while now and so as soon as I opened this present and saw the colour of this dress I knew I'd be wearing it immediately! It's just so warm and summery, perfect for the nice weather we've been having (hopefully those thunderstorms were just a slight blip!). Aztec print is fun, a bit quirky and a style that can be worn by anyone for any occasion- I'm a big fan! I teamed the dress with an orange and gold necklace that I picked up from Portobello market when I was in London a few months ago, and with my trusty gold studded Primark clutch. Now on to those shoes.... I have never owned a pair of shoes like these! They are so sexy yet so stylish, but surprisely not that uncomfortable! I'm actually in love with them- they will be paired with many of my other dresses in the future!

What do you think? Is anyone else loving orange or aztec print? What do you think of my new shoes?

Monday, 29 July 2013


These are the products that I have finished recently....

The Body Shop Orange Shower Gel
I love the smell of this shower gel- it was the main reason why I bought it in the first place. It was quite thick and easy to spread around your body when in the shower. My only criticism is that it did not lather up much, but I didn't really mind this, and that the smell does not last long on your skin when you're out the shower.
Repurchase? Yes probably, for the smell alone really.

John Frieda Brunette Conditioner
I'm a big fan of John Frieda's Brunette range, having bought various versions of the shampoos and conditioners before. This conditioner certainly made my brown hair a much richer colour and just generally more healthy looking.
Repurchase? Yes.

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo
I love the smell of this shampoo. I didn't really notice any difference to my hair while I was using it to be honest, it didn't seem to be any better or any worse.
Repurchase? Probably, because of how nice it made my hair smell.

Soap and Glory Hand Maid
I always carry antibacterial hand gel around with me (yes, I know I'm a massive clean freak) and this Soap and Glory one is a real favourite of mine as it smells lovely (not just the usual alcohol smell). It's lasted me ages and I like how it's a bit more girly and so nicer to carry around in my bag :)
Repurchase? Definitely!

Benefit Instant Brow Pencil
As implied in the name, this brow pencil is just so quick and easy. It takes me a matter of seconds to fill my brows in with this. The colour (medium) is a great match for my brows and it stays on all day without smudging. (Full review here).
Repurchase? Yes, definitely.

No 7 Perfect Eyes Brown Eyeliner
I've been using No 7 eyeliners for years and years now, so much so that I never really buy any other eyeliner any more. The brown and the black really suit my eyes- the brown one I wear during the day and the black for the night time or special occasions. They never run or smudge and stay on all day. (Full review here).
Repurchase? Yes, definitely. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
I have absolutely loved this Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick! It has lasted absolutely ages too- over a year! I apply it to the tops of my cheeks, down the centre of my nose and on my brow bones to create a nice healthy glow to my face. It is pricey but, like I said, it lasts absolutely donkey's years and so is defintiely worth it!
Repurchase? Definitely!

Nars Laguna Bronzer
Another favourite product of mine. This is by far the best bronzer I've ever had; it's subtle and natural, yet adds a great healthy glow to my face. (Full review here)
Repurchase? Definitely!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Georgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup Foundation

I've been using this foundation for a few months and have held out on reviewing it until now because I wanted to test the product thoroughly. Armani's Maestro foundation is different from all others as it uses a Maestro-Fil fusion technology that adapts to the tones and textures inherent within the skin to produce a tailor made coverage. There is no water in the foundation, just five different oils which evaporate on the skin, producing a 'featherlight' and even layer of coverage. It has an SPF 15 which appeals to me as I'm a big advocate of the more suncream the better. Finally, it's a matte foundation that is specifically targeted for combination or oily skin, which is perfect for me as my skin is quite oily.

I've been using shade number 5 which is a great match for my skin tone. My initial impression when I got this foundation was one of surprise as it comes with a pipette! So, to apply it, I squirt a little foundation on the back of my hand, then put my brush in it and sweep it over my face. The second thing I noticed about this foundation was its watery consistency. This is a bit strange and takes a little getting used to, and initially I was worried that the coverage would be too light on my skin. It’s not though; although the coverage is quite light- too light almost- when you first put it on, it dries heavier which is good, providing a light-medium coverage which can be easily built upon where necessary. It’s like you need to let it dry/ sink in for it to be slightly heavier. I always apply loose powder after it (sweeping it across my face with a big brush) as this sets the foundation, ensuring that it stays on much longer (I would really recommend the Armani loose powder- review here).With the loose powder on top (and Benefit's Porefessional primer underneath) the foundation's staying power is very impressive, it lasts all day and night with no patches- a miracle with my oily skin!

I've always been wary of getting light foundations as I was scared that it wouldn't cover my spots or my skin up very well, but this one really is brillaint. The level of coverage is fine, it does conceal my spots and blemishes, ensuring that my skin is an even tone. It stays on all day, and does not clog in places such as the side of your nose like other foundations can do after a few hours. I love that it is especially formulated for oily or problematic skin; it's perfect for me.

Has anyone else tried this foundation? What do you think? 

Price: £38 (Available to buy at Selfridges or online at Selfridges, John Lewis or House of Fraser's websites).

Rosy x 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

OOTD: Frilly Socks and Denim Pinafores

Pinafore Dress: Missbehaver*
Bag: Mulberry
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Miss Selfridge

I've been after a pinafore for a while now and so when online retailer Missbehaver asked me to choose something to review on their website I couldn't resist this skater-style denim one. Not only do pinafores look quite quirky and cool, they are also flattering as the narrow top half makes the waist look slimmer. In particular, a denim pinafore is so versatile: it can be worn during the day with a slogan tee underneath and some brogues, or dressed up with heels and a crop top (cream lace ones look especially gorgeous) for an evening out. The socks-with-heels combo adds to the back-to-school vibe, especially as these socks have cute little frills on them. Finally, these tan heels are probably my favourite ones as they go with everything (especially my Mulberry which is a bonus!), so I would really recommend investing in a pair- I wear mine all the time!

What do you think? Is anyone else loving the pinafore trend?

Rosy x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Origins Super Spot Remover

Sadly, I've been getting quite a few spots recently and so I went on the hunt for a spot treatment that would actually work at getting rid of them. I'm already a fan of Origins Spot Remover Pads (review here) which act as a mild exfoliator that you use in place of toner to unclog all your pores, and so I thought I'd give the Spot Remover Gel a go as well. The treatment gel contains salicylic acid, which helps speed up the spot-healing process, as well as caffeine and red algae to help reduce redness.

I think it is best used in conjunction with the Origins Spot Pads. I use both together at night (I wash my face using a cleanser, then scrub my face with the spot pad, then apply the spot gel directly to my spots while my pores are open, then put moisturiser on).

The Pros: When I put the gel on at night, in the morning my spots are significantly reduced. They do not disappear completely but they have certainly gone down; both the redness and the size of them are diminished. The gel also gets rid of spots much faster than they would normally go.

The Cons: You couldn’t put this on under makeup as it's a thick gel that dries quite crusty on the skin so it's more for night time use really. Also, it doesn't completely get rid of the spot (I don't think there's a product invented that can do that!) but it does quicken the time it takes for the spot to disappear and it certainly makes it go down.

Has anyone else tried this? What other spot gels/ treatments/ products can you recommend?

Price: £14 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Great Beauty Products For £20 and Under Post #1



Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
This little palette is everything you need for eye makeup- it can be used for day or night eyeshadow as well as eyebrow powder. The shades are matte rather than shimmery like the other Naked palettes, which is why I think it's worth investing in. They are all very pigmented shades that suit every skin tone/ hair colour, and they last a long time on your eyelids (although I always apply the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion on my lids first to ensure that the eyeshadow will last a full day and night). It's a great palette for taking away with you too at it's so small and light, yet has such a great range of shades. Full review here.
Price: £20 (Available at Debenhams)

Benefit They’re Real Mascara
A fantastic mascara, it really does make a huge difference to your lashes, they look so much longer and fuller, worth every penny in my opinion. This certainly isn't the UK's best-selling mascara for nothing! Full review here
Price: £19.50 

Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning spray
This is really handy to have in between makeup brush washes. It's great for travelling or if your brush gets dirty/ you drop it and don't have time to wash it. It's basically an antibacterial spray for brushes. You simply spray it on the brush and wipe it off with a tissue. It's alcohol free and really gentle on brushes. I really hate germs and have trouble with spots in general so any product which will limit the bacteria going onto my face I am a big fan of! Full review here.
Price: £15(Available at House of Fraser, John Lewis and Selfridges)

Nails Inc Bling On The Rocks
I received this as a Christmas present last year from my boyfriend's lovely brother and girlfriend. I've had lots of fun using it- I'm definitely getting better with practice! With this set you can either create silver glitter nails or black glitter ones. They look so good, I usually do my ring finger on each hand and all my other nails a plain colour that compliments it, this way it makes a big impact :) Nails Inc do lots of cool sets like this- I really want to get my hands on the leather one- so I'd definitely check them out as they're fun, look cool and make a great present!
Price: £20 (Available at Debenhams)

Clinique Eye Makeup Remover
This is a fantastic eye makeup remover. It's so gentle on your eyes and doesn't sting at all. It gets rid of all makeup- even tough mascara! Full review here
Price: £17

Mac Lipsticks
I've got a few MAC lipsticks now and I've loved every shade I've tried. There's so many different shades, meaning that you can be daring with a bright pink or red lip, or subtle with a nude or light pink. All the shades last a while on your lips, the lipstick always looks flattering, it never dries your lips out. I'm loving the Cremecup shade at the moment (review to come shortly!) it's a very natural and soft pink shade. If you're after a new lipstick I would definitely recommend hitting the MAC counter! Full review here.
Price: £14 

Paul Mitchell Spray Wax
Since having short hair I've enjoyed experimenting with spray wax to create texture, volume and different styles. This is my favourite one so far as it's not sticky and provides a lot of oomph! I spray it underneath my top hair just to make sure it can't be seen and to get maximum volume. It create a messy, textured look in a matter of seconds: I simply spray it and then ruffle up my hair with my fingers. Full review here.
Price: £13.95

Monday, 15 July 2013

Haul: What I've Bought Recently....

These are the items that I've bought over the last 6 weeks or so....


Benefit Instant Brow Pencil
This is a repurchase. I've been using the Benefit Brow Pencil for a while now as it looks natural, stays on all day and is really quick to apply when you're in a rush in the morning! In order to ensure the colour stays in place all day I always apply eyebrow setting gel on top. Full review here.

Illamasque Brow Gel
I've always had rather wispy eyebrows that tend to have a life of there own at the ends, and so eyebrow gel is an essential makeup item for me. The Illamasque one was recommended to me by another beauty blogger and I look forward to giving it a go.

Nars Laguna Bronzer
This is a repurchase, I have been using this bronzer for a while now and it is by far my favourite one ever- full review here

Tanning Mit from Bodycare
In order to make sure my fake tan stays streak-free I ALWAYS use a tanning mit to apply it. This one is from Bodycare and is only £1.99- bargain!

Aldi Miracle Oil
I picked this up in Aldi a few weeks ago whilst doing the food shop. Having heard lots about Morroccan oil and Argan oil and how beneficial it is for your hair, I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing whether to buy some due to the expensive price tag. However, Aldi's version, called 'Miracle oil' (haha) also contains argan oil and was a mere £4.99! You simple rub it onto the ends of your hair when it's wet in order to make it more healthy and provide more moisture for it. I will let you know how I get on with it :)

Home and Books

Bird Statue and Vase
My boyfriend and I went to Bath for a few days last month and I absolutely fell in love with the place! As well as the fantastic Roman Baths and stunning architecture, there were lots of little independent shops and cafes- perfect! I bought this statue and vase in one of the French looking ones, they look great on my white bookcase in the flat! 

Quote Frame and Card
Again, while in Bath I saw this cute card and frame in a little independent shop. The quote, by Winston Churchill, is particularly apt for me this year, having been quite tested at times, so it's nice to have it sitting on my bookcase for a source of daily motivation.

James Anderson- The Affair of the Mutilated Mink
This is the second book in a trilogy of murder mystery stories. Very Agatha Christie, the books are typical who-dun-its with an added element of tongue in cheek. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one (The Affair of the Blood Stained Egg Cosy) and look forward to starting this one.

Kate Morton- The Secret Garden  
I picked up this book while doing the food shop last week. The cover says its a number one bestseller and it looks like a great summer read!


Topshop Varsity Jacket
I've had my eye on this jacket for ages- God knows how many times I've tried it on in the store, umm-ing and ahh-ing until finally putting it back, not being able to justify the £45 price tag. However, I saw it in the sale last week and literally jumped for joy! At just £25 this was an absolute steal and I'm so glad that I waited!

White Dune Shoes from Debenhams
These shoes were an absolute BARGAIN- just £13!! White shoes go with everything in the summer and I can't wait to wear these with my skinny jeans and my summer dresses!

Green and Yellow Zara Shoes
These heels are really different. I love the colours in them- I have plenty of yellow accessories and so will easily be able to match them, and they'd look gorgeous with a plain dress (I'm thinking a black dress at the moment- watch this space for an OOTD!).

Nike Blazers
I love high top trainers, I think they're so much more flattering on my than normal trainers, flat shoes or pumps. When I saw these in Office I just couldn't resist. They are a sort of cottony material, making them look like they are minty green denim- amazing! 

Biba Bag
I had my PhD first year viva exam last month and after the exam (which I passed and I'm now officially a second year student-yay!) I decided to treat myself to this gorgeous Biba bag. It's mint green (a colour which I'm actually obsessed with at the moment!) and suede. It feels and looks luxurious, I really do love it. Although suede (and a light coloured suede at that) is not the most practical of materials, I have a leather and suede protecter spray which I have put on it to make it waterproof and hopefully prevent too much damage!

What do you think of my purchases? What have you been buying recently?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

OOTD: Time to get the Maxi Dress out!

Necklace: Market
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Topshop

My summer wardrobe essential has got to be the maxi dress. You really can't go wrong with one, they're so flattering and look really sophisticated. As well as looking and feeling very cool, maxi dresses are really comfortable and cover up any wobbly bits (I'm a little self-conscious about my thighs and so this is the perfect solution in the summer!). They can be dressed down during the day with flip flops or sandals, or dressed up for the evening with jewellery and heels/ wedges. I have kept mine simple with a statement necklace, which I picked up from a market in Spain last year, and then let my Mulberry do the talking!

What do you think? Does anyone else love maxi dresses? What have you been wearing yours with?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Being a Bridesmaid

My Sister Caroline and I as Bridesmaids

Today's post is a slightly different post. I was recently a bridesmaid for a lovely bride and wanted to share my experience with you and hopefully provide some tips for anyone that is going to be a bridesmaid in the near future.

I absolutely loved being a bridesmaid alongside my sister Caroline. We both felt honoured and touched to be asked when my Uncle proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve last year. Having never been a bridesmaid before, we had six months to help plan and prepare for a small country wedding. Here are the four most important steps that we took:

The Outfit
One of the perks about being a bridesmaid is definitely the gorgeous dress you get to wear. Although, it was a little strange wearing the same outfit as my sister again- it did take me back to childhood a little! We were told very early on that the theme of the wedding was going to be purple, and so our dresses had to be this colour. We were allowed to choose the style that we wanted, which we decided should be full length in order to look elegant and sophisticated. We had a really fun day shopping for the accessories. The bag we went for was a cream clutch with a silver fasten, and the shoes I went for were cream, whereas Caz's were silver (we have very different tastes so agreeing on every item would have been impossible!). Finally, I opted for a small silver tiara which I thought would suit my short hair, and Caz chose a silver clip.

The Hen Do
For the hen do I asked the bride if there was anything that she particularly wanted to do, or anywhere that she wanted it to be. Although traditionally the bridesmaids plan the hen do, I would recommend getting the bride's input in order to make sure that she has the perfect day/ night. The bride told me she definitely did not want to do kareoke, and that she would like to do an activity like bowling, then have a meal and cocktails. She also told me she wanted it to be in Manchester in order to ensure that all her friends would be able to make it. This was quite an specific remit and so it was very easy to organise. We went to the brand new bowling alley 'All Star Lanes' in Manchester, booking the West Wing (two private lanes in a separate section). All Star Lanes is not your average bowling alley, its very classy, with a posh bar and restaurant attached. We had a lovely time, great fun with the compulsory penis straws and sashes, with lots of cocktails and dancing.

The Preparation
I wanted to look and feel my absolute best on the wedding day, so careful preparation was required. As the dress was strapless I had my arms waxed for the first time (not that painful at all really, I was pleasantly surprised- the bikini wax is certainly a hundred times worse!). I had my nails done as well: I got a shellac french manicure with a light pink nail varnish and white french tips. I also fake tanned myself using my Clarins fake tan (review here) and a mit. Finally, I had my hair cut and styled- it was quite a big deal for me as I finally got my asymmetric style evened out, so it felt very short afterwards!

The Wedding Day 
The actual day itself is all about keeping the bride calm and happy. A hair dresser and makeup artist had been hired and so this was quite relaxing. We ensured that the champagne kept flowing, told her how beautiful she looked and kept asking if there was anything that she needed doing.

We also got the bride the traditional 'Something old, something blue, something borrowed, something new'. We got...
Something old: An old sixpence coin which is supposed to be worn in the bride's left shoe for luck and future happiness.
Something Blue and Something New: A white gold and saphire necklace.
Something Borrowed: We made the music playlist for the reception on our ipod.

The wedding day went smoothly- the sun even came out for the photos! It was a lovely day, with lots of emotion and laughter.
My Sister and I with the Best Man, AKA Daddy :)

Being a bridesmaid was one of the best things I've ever done, it was so nice to be part of my aunty and uncle's special day.

Has anyone else been a bridesmaid? 
Or is anyone going to be a bridesmaid in the near future? 
Or are there any future brides out there who have chosen or are choosing their bridesmaids? 
I would love to hear about your experiences!

Rosy x

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