Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Being a Bridesmaid

My Sister Caroline and I as Bridesmaids

Today's post is a slightly different post. I was recently a bridesmaid for a lovely bride and wanted to share my experience with you and hopefully provide some tips for anyone that is going to be a bridesmaid in the near future.

I absolutely loved being a bridesmaid alongside my sister Caroline. We both felt honoured and touched to be asked when my Uncle proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve last year. Having never been a bridesmaid before, we had six months to help plan and prepare for a small country wedding. Here are the four most important steps that we took:

The Outfit
One of the perks about being a bridesmaid is definitely the gorgeous dress you get to wear. Although, it was a little strange wearing the same outfit as my sister again- it did take me back to childhood a little! We were told very early on that the theme of the wedding was going to be purple, and so our dresses had to be this colour. We were allowed to choose the style that we wanted, which we decided should be full length in order to look elegant and sophisticated. We had a really fun day shopping for the accessories. The bag we went for was a cream clutch with a silver fasten, and the shoes I went for were cream, whereas Caz's were silver (we have very different tastes so agreeing on every item would have been impossible!). Finally, I opted for a small silver tiara which I thought would suit my short hair, and Caz chose a silver clip.

The Hen Do
For the hen do I asked the bride if there was anything that she particularly wanted to do, or anywhere that she wanted it to be. Although traditionally the bridesmaids plan the hen do, I would recommend getting the bride's input in order to make sure that she has the perfect day/ night. The bride told me she definitely did not want to do kareoke, and that she would like to do an activity like bowling, then have a meal and cocktails. She also told me she wanted it to be in Manchester in order to ensure that all her friends would be able to make it. This was quite an specific remit and so it was very easy to organise. We went to the brand new bowling alley 'All Star Lanes' in Manchester, booking the West Wing (two private lanes in a separate section). All Star Lanes is not your average bowling alley, its very classy, with a posh bar and restaurant attached. We had a lovely time, great fun with the compulsory penis straws and sashes, with lots of cocktails and dancing.

The Preparation
I wanted to look and feel my absolute best on the wedding day, so careful preparation was required. As the dress was strapless I had my arms waxed for the first time (not that painful at all really, I was pleasantly surprised- the bikini wax is certainly a hundred times worse!). I had my nails done as well: I got a shellac french manicure with a light pink nail varnish and white french tips. I also fake tanned myself using my Clarins fake tan (review here) and a mit. Finally, I had my hair cut and styled- it was quite a big deal for me as I finally got my asymmetric style evened out, so it felt very short afterwards!

The Wedding Day 
The actual day itself is all about keeping the bride calm and happy. A hair dresser and makeup artist had been hired and so this was quite relaxing. We ensured that the champagne kept flowing, told her how beautiful she looked and kept asking if there was anything that she needed doing.

We also got the bride the traditional 'Something old, something blue, something borrowed, something new'. We got...
Something old: An old sixpence coin which is supposed to be worn in the bride's left shoe for luck and future happiness.
Something Blue and Something New: A white gold and saphire necklace.
Something Borrowed: We made the music playlist for the reception on our ipod.

The wedding day went smoothly- the sun even came out for the photos! It was a lovely day, with lots of emotion and laughter.
My Sister and I with the Best Man, AKA Daddy :)

Being a bridesmaid was one of the best things I've ever done, it was so nice to be part of my aunty and uncle's special day.

Has anyone else been a bridesmaid? 
Or is anyone going to be a bridesmaid in the near future? 
Or are there any future brides out there who have chosen or are choosing their bridesmaids? 
I would love to hear about your experiences!

Rosy x


  1. Thank you for your lovely comments - It was an honour to have both my Nieces as bridesmaids and hope this blog helps other future bridesmaids to prepare and make it a happy memorable day for the bride.

    1. Aw, thank you for having us as bridesmaids! Congratulations again, we couldn't be more happy for you x x

  2. Aw wow, this looks lovely! Your dresses are gorgeous. I'm being a bridesmaid for my brother in two months and this has gotten me all excited! Hope you and the bride/groom had a lovely day :)

    Sophie xo | That's What Sophie Said

    1. Aw thank you, we all did have a wonderful day, it was so nice to see everyone so happy! Congratulations to your brother, I hope you all have a lovely day too :) x x

  3. Aww it was such a lovely day! Great post Ro, you looked stunning xxx

    1. Thank you, it really was wasn't it?! You also looked gorgeous little one x x x

  4. Everyone looks so wonderful! Purple is such a good wedding colour, but I've hardly seen it at weddings I've been to. This post really makes me want to go to some weddings now haha :)

    1. Aw thank you, that's so lovely of you to say! I know, the purple looked so good, purple petals down the aisle, purple ribbon on the chairs, it was all beautiful :) x x

  5. That purple dress is lovely! Looks great on you :)


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