Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Boots Nail and Cuticle Oil

I have been concerned about the state of my nails for a while now as they seemed to break very easily and were quite brittle. In a bid to make them stronger and healthier, I decided to give this nail oil a go when browsing in Boots last month. The oil is supposed to condition and hydrate the nails, preventing cracking and peeling. It contains grapeseed oil and also promises to soften the cuticles.

I love that it is in a rollaball tube as it makes it so easy to apply. I simply sweep the oil over each nail, all over from cuticle to tip. The oil is slightly greasy (it is oil afterall!) but I don't mind this, I usually just apply it before I'm going to bed or while I'm watching TV so I know I won't be moving around much.

I have noticed a difference in the appearance and condition of my nails. They do seem stronger and are not peeling anymore. I would recommend this oil, I've been using it a few times a week, on days when I've not had any nail polish on, for the last couple of weeks and my nails look much better than they did before.

Has anyone else tried this or any other nail and cuticle oils? Any recommendations to improve brittle nails? 

Price: £6.20


  1. Thanks for this! My usually strong talons have been quite brittle recently and I've been looking for something to fix this.

    Writer’s block and broken lenses

  2. Well I'm not sure what your nails looked like before, but they look great now. So healthy looking. I dread to think what mine look like underneath my acrylics. Maybe I should stock pile this in case! :p Xx

  3. Ooh, I've been in the market for a new cuticle oil, may try this one. I struggle spending a lot on them considering they're just for cuticles.

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  4. Love the fact it has a rollerball xx

  5. Thanks for this, i think I have this in a drawer somewhere, shall dig it out! Beth May Blogs

  6. I really need something like this and the fact it has a rollerball is great, I always use too much product otherwise!xo

  7. Hi
    I have weak nails and have been using the opi avoplex oil is pricey about £17 but find it leaves greasy marks everywhere,so better at night.
    Also use leighton denny slick tips think that is over £10 but is less oily.
    I use liz earle superbalm in a balm format
    Will keep an eye out for this,great its a rollerball. Use oil more often really moisturises & nourishes the nails


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