Sunday, 14 July 2013

OOTD: Time to get the Maxi Dress out!

Necklace: Market
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Topshop

My summer wardrobe essential has got to be the maxi dress. You really can't go wrong with one, they're so flattering and look really sophisticated. As well as looking and feeling very cool, maxi dresses are really comfortable and cover up any wobbly bits (I'm a little self-conscious about my thighs and so this is the perfect solution in the summer!). They can be dressed down during the day with flip flops or sandals, or dressed up for the evening with jewellery and heels/ wedges. I have kept mine simple with a statement necklace, which I picked up from a market in Spain last year, and then let my Mulberry do the talking!

What do you think? Does anyone else love maxi dresses? What have you been wearing yours with?


  1. That necklace is beautiful! I really, really don't need anymore owl necklaces in my collection (I had ten at the last count!), but it's just so pretty!

    Maxine, xx

    1. Aw thank you! Haha I know, I love owl necklaces too- owls are the best animals, so wise :) xx


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