Sunday, 21 July 2013

Origins Super Spot Remover

Sadly, I've been getting quite a few spots recently and so I went on the hunt for a spot treatment that would actually work at getting rid of them. I'm already a fan of Origins Spot Remover Pads (review here) which act as a mild exfoliator that you use in place of toner to unclog all your pores, and so I thought I'd give the Spot Remover Gel a go as well. The treatment gel contains salicylic acid, which helps speed up the spot-healing process, as well as caffeine and red algae to help reduce redness.

I think it is best used in conjunction with the Origins Spot Pads. I use both together at night (I wash my face using a cleanser, then scrub my face with the spot pad, then apply the spot gel directly to my spots while my pores are open, then put moisturiser on).

The Pros: When I put the gel on at night, in the morning my spots are significantly reduced. They do not disappear completely but they have certainly gone down; both the redness and the size of them are diminished. The gel also gets rid of spots much faster than they would normally go.

The Cons: You couldn’t put this on under makeup as it's a thick gel that dries quite crusty on the skin so it's more for night time use really. Also, it doesn't completely get rid of the spot (I don't think there's a product invented that can do that!) but it does quicken the time it takes for the spot to disappear and it certainly makes it go down.

Has anyone else tried this? What other spot gels/ treatments/ products can you recommend?

Price: £14 


  1. I've heard so much about this product, I really want to try it...if only there was a product that got rid of spots completely right away! x

  2. I like the sound of this and I would love to try it for the pesky spots that sometimes pop up!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  3. ooh this sounds pretty good, I might have to give it a little go! xx

  4. This sounds amazing, might have to go and purchase this. Need something like this at the moment as I'm breaking out a bit :( great post xxx

    ~ Abbey


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