Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Handbag Essentials

These items are ones that are absolutely essential for me and always travel with me in my handbag....

Lanvin Purse
Obviously my purse is an essential item and, as it is carried everywhere with me, I think it's nice to invest in one that I love. I treated myself to this Lanvin one at Christmas and it's definitely the nicest purse I've ever owned. The quality is wonderful; I feel very classy getting it out of my bag.

There's only so long I can go in heels- I know I'm a wuss! These roll-a-flats are brilliant for slipping your bag as they come in this little pouch which, when opened up, turns into a shopping bag for your heels- genius!
Powder, Blusher and Lip Gloss
These are the makeup items that I always carry with me when on the go. I have quite oily skin so powder is an essential item for me to top up throughout the day. The blusher ensures that I still have a touch of colour on my face if I do sweep the powder on it. I always have a lipgloss handy to keep my lips moisturised and looking nice too.

Antibacterial Gel
I would panic if I did not have this in my bag. I am a true germaphobe and my antibacterial gel comes with me everywhere- God forbid if I didn't have it when I needed to eat something haha!

Fresh Breath Spray
I always want to make sure I have nice smelling breath, but chewing gum is not always practical for work so this is a great solution to spray now and again.
I am always making lists- to do lists, to buy lists, you name it I'll have a list for it! So this cute little notebook is never far away from me. It contains several 'To Buy' lists (all in different categories such as makeup, skincare, clothes etc) so when I'm out shopping I spend my money on products/ items that I actually want, reducing impulse purchases (in theory!). 

Iphone complete with gorgeous Kate Spade Case*.
I have finally joined the Apple revolution and got my very first Iphone- hurrah! Having previously used a very old Blackberry, the Iphone is a breath of fresh air- I'm so impressed with how easy and how quick it is! As phones are becoming fashion accessories these days, I was on the look out for a snazzy case. As fate would have it, Three mobile contacted me last week and sent me this gorgeous Kate Spade New York case. It's exactly what I was looking for, so cute, simple and stylish- I keep pulling it out of my bag at every opportunity!

What do you think of my essential items? What are yours?


  1. I love your bag, it's gorgeous! We keep quite a few similar items in our bags - notebook, antibacterial gel, make-up items :) I always carry flats with me when I go out in heels too :)

  2. I love that notebook. I really need to get a notebook, I'm forever forgetting stuff xx

  3. ah i love these kind of posts! that notebook is so cute, really want one like that, i'm so disorganised haha! my bag is a mess, there are probably more wrappers than important essentials haha

  4. Love these type of posts! And that notebook, omg I need it. Is it supposed to be designed after the Monopoly game?! x


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