Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Clinique Fresh Picked All Over Colour Blusher

I was attracted to this little compact for two reasons: 1. Because it looked so pretty, and 2. Because I like the idea of combining a blusher with a touch of highligher. The combination of blusher and a bit of shimmer creates a healthy-looking, rosy glow. I really like that this possesses a subtle shimmer; I don't want a really shiney and metallic looking face!

I simply swirl my brush across all the colours and then sweep onto the balls of my cheeks, going upwards towards my temples. The blusher stays on and does not smudge, providing a soft, natural finish that lasts all day. This mixed berries shade was a limited edition compact but Clinique have bought out a new colour called Fresh Bloom All Over Colour- Peony Blend which looks very similar, and will have the same kind of shimmer, staying power and natural finish. This is the second blusher that I have tried from Clinique in recent months (the other was Precious Posy- reviewed here) and the second time that I have been very impressed. I would definitely recommend looking at Clinique if you're after a new blusher.

Has anyone else tried any Clinique blushers? What are your thoughts? 

Price: £26


  1. Ive never really used any clinique makeup other than there mascaras! Ive only really gone to them for their skincare lol Maybe i should check them out :) Just followed lovely blog :D


  2. I have never tried Clinique make up, I found their skincare a bit strong for my skin, so have stayed clear of them - I don't think this colour would suit me but I will have to have a look at what other colours they have :-) KB xx


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