Monday, 30 September 2013

MAC Blusher in Fleur Power

I usually wear a natural-looking, subtle blusher but I fancied getting one that was a bit more dramatic to wear on night's out. Being the Queen of dramatic makeup, MAC was the obvious place to go.

MACs Fleur Power blusher is very pigmented and quite a vibrant pink, so I only need to put a little bit on to add a real pop of colour to my face. This means that the blusher is lasting absolutly ages as a small amount makes such a difference; definitely great value for money. It really makes a statement and I actually wear it during the day now, just not applying as much as I would do for an evening. I like that this blusher is so pigmented because that makes it very buildable; you can make the pink colour as bright or intense as you want. It also lasts a long time on your cheeks and does not really need topping up all day. So, it's safe to say I'm really loving this blusher at the moment!

What do you think about this MAC blusher? What is your favourite blusher? 

Price: £18


  1. I've never tried a MAC blusher but that shade is amazing on you and I'd be interested in finding a nice coral or slightly more pink now for A/W :o). Xx

    1. Thank you :) It's my first MAC blusher too and I've been very impressed with it. I think I'll also be looking for a sutble, coral shade for during the day too :) xx

  2. ooo i really enjoy this on you! its so pretty!
    A Beautiful Zen


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