Monday, 14 October 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow

I've been really liking these Estee Lauder eyeshadows recently. I've been using the light cream shade and the smokey brown shade, which are the ones at either end of this palette. They are both great for creating a natural look. The cream shade is called 'Ivory Slipper' (no. 10) and is a satin shade. The brown shade is called 'Wild Sable' (no. 04) and is a matte shade. They really compliment each other and I would definitely recommend buying them both to wear together if you're looking to create this natural look.

I swept the cream shade all over my lid up to the crease, concentrating on the inner corner. This really lifts my eyes, brightening them and adds a very subtle shimmer to the whole lid. I then applied the brown shade from the middle of my lid out to the outer corner and up to the crease. This adds definition and makes my eyes look bigger. You can also build the brown shade up for a more smokey eye for an evening. The eyeshadows didn't crease and stayed on all day without losing any colour or intensity (I did put the Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion on underneath though).

Has anyone else tried Estee Lauder's eyeshadows? What are your favourite eyeshadows or eyeshadow palettes?

Price: I received this palette in a bonus time gift but these eyeshadows can be bought separately, full sized versions are £17.


  1. I haven't tried any eyeshadow from Estee Lauder, but these look lovely and the shades are just beautiful :) My favorite ones would probably be palettes by Sleek. I own three so far and I reach for them all the time. MUA has some good ones too and for a great price :)

  2. The packaging for these is so lovely!! I've never tried an Estée Lauder eyeshadow but they always looks so pretty xx


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