Friday, 11 October 2013

Eve Lom Dynaspot

In a bid to get rid of the various unwelcome spots that have appeared on my chin in the last few months, I decided to invest in Eve Lom's Dynaspot. Eve Lom is a brand that has caught my attention for a while now and I've been looking forward to trying some of their products- in particular the cleanser and Dynaspot. I have been using the Dynaspot for just over a month now and so it's about time I shared my thoughts with you.

The Dynaspot treatment is a creamy paste rather than a gel, that is a very pale pink colour. However, it comes out quite liquidy. Even after I've shaken the tube a lot, it still comes out really watery and then drips all down my finger or specks fly everywhere- very frustrating! It dries hard and crusty, a bit like toothpaste, and so cannot be worn under makeup or during the day (despite it saying that it can be worn under or over makeup!). So, I use it on my spots overnight or in the evenings/ weekends if I'm just lazing around the flat.

On the plus side, it is soothing and does not inflame or irritate the area around the spot like other spot treatments can do (Origins Super Spot Remover proved to be a bit too harsh on my skin). It contains 'naturally soothing antiseptic extracts' which 'are carefully balanced with Salicylic Acid to help eliminate spots quickly and without drying out the skin'. I would agree that it does not dry out the skin, however it may be too gentle as it does not seem to be getting rid of my spots.

To be honest, I have not been very impressed with this product. I had high hopes for it as it seemed to be held in high regard by magazines and in reviews. There's also the high price tag- I thought it must be good at that price! Alas, it has not really worked on my spots; I have not seen much of an improvement on them after using this, which is so disappointing considering how much I paid for it. So, I'm still on the look-out for a spot treatment that really works.

Has anyone else tried Eve Lom's Dynaspot? What spot treatments would you recommend?

Price: £22


  1. I'm lucky enough not to get too many blemishes, but when I do, I'll borrow some After Shave from Him Indoors and just dot it on a few times a day - it works a treat for me, and then follow with a rich moisturiser :o). Xx

  2. What a shame! I feel cheated myself to hear that this product isn't actually that good, it's always raved about by beauty eds. I've just purchased La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I. for my pesky blemishes, but spot treatments are just so hit and miss! xx


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