Thursday, 31 October 2013

Guest Post: How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise Outdoors This Winter

Exercising outdoors in the winter is something that I certainly need a lot of will power and motivation to do. Today's post is guest post* by Catherine explaining why it is worth persevering with:  

With winter looming, you'd be entirely forgiven for swapping your workout for a lie in and a hot drink. Don't let those months of pounding the pavements and pumping iron go to waste - not only is it possible to go for a bracing jog in the blistering cold, but it might even be good for you.  
Everyone's always talking about beach bodies and looking good for summer, so why not get a massive headstart on all those spring late-comers and get working on yours when everyone else is too chicken? If you're anxious or self-conscious don't worry: no other poor fool is going to be joining you on your shivering sojourn, so make the most of pedestrian-free pavements and let loose. It's won't be just your appearance that will benefit, either. Studies show that your body will thank you for your initially baffling decision to exercise in the cold, rewarding you with a boost to your energy levels and decreasing risk of muscle waste. With this will come an entirely deserved air of superiority over those layabouts who don't share your exercise enthusiasm.  

Of course, it's important to take proper precautions when exposing yourself to wintry conditions.Wear lightweight gloves and socks, as it is estimated that 30% of your body heat is lost through your hands and feet. However, it's important to regulate your body temperature, so don't go putting on your puffer coat and six pairs of joggers just yet. Also, if the temperature is really treacherous, it's probably better not to bother, since the benefits of running will probably be outweighed by the serious health risks of exposing yourself to extreme cold and icy streets.  

A winter workout requires careful preparation, but it'll all be worth it when you get to show off your super-toned buns of steel next July. In the mean time, wrap up your buff new body in style by shopping for a Superdry windcheater jacket.

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