Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Topshop Lipstick Saint

My first ever Topshop lipstick has certainly impressed me! I went for Saint, which is a very pale pink. I only need to sweep it over my lips to create this light pink colour, but the more intense and lighter you want it to be, the more you can apply. Although it's a pale lipstick I think it really is a statement lip. It stands out as it is so pale, so for this reason I would use it for a night out, teamed with dramatic eye makeup. It creates a matte finish, but I usually mix it with a clear balm or gloss if I want to wear it during the day, as this really tones it down. It goes on really smoothly and easily, gliding across your lips adding colour straight away. It also smells really nice- always a bonus and quite an important thing for me when buying a lipstick!

I would definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone looking for a pale, almost milky, pink one. It's great value for money and I will be buying more lipsticks from Topshop in the future.

Has anyone else tried any lipsticks from Topshop? Which others would you recommend? Does anyone else like Saint?

Price: £8 (Student discount is also available on it!)


  1. Oooh thats lovely! Such a gorgeous colour! I'm a big fan of Nevada which is a pale nude colour, though it has nearly run out, so think I might give this one a go!
    Carrie xx


  2. Such a pretty subtle shade, love it! xx


  3. this is such a pretty, natural day time shade!
    i've only ever tried one lipstick from topshop and really loved it!

    Laura xox


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