Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Spun Gold


If I was to describe this Bobbi Brown lip gloss in just one word, it would be: sophisticated. It provides a look of understated elegance. I feel pretty but also a bit posh when wearing it! Needless to say, it is a luxurious product and one that makes you feel like you're treating yourself- lovely.

The colour is Spun Gold (15). It looks quite dark, and from the bottle, almost too dark. Do not be put off by this though, it's much more subtle on (well, you can see what it looks like on me from the photo above). It's a great colour to team with a smokey eye or if you have chosen to make your eye makeup the focus. It really softens the face and makes your lips look full and scrumptious but in a very natural way. I am rather besotted with it, and have nothing similar in my makeup collection so I find myself reaching for it very often! My only criticism would be that this lip gloss is quite sticky. For this reason it can't really be worn outside on a windy day as my hair gets stuck to it. However, it's fine indoors or on a calm, sunny day.

What do you think of this lip gloss? Have you tried any other Bobbi Brown lip glosses?

Price: £18 (Available to buy here).


  1. I really like this shade on you, it looks great! Your so beautiful by the way xx

  2. Such a pretty shade on you looks perfect against your skin tone.

    Carrieanne x


  3. I have always had this fear of lipglosses. I always find them too shiny or pigmented, but honestly this has converted me. I've never tried any Bobbi Brown products, but this looks so good on you I think I might try it!

    Awesome post :-)

  4. This is a lush colour on you!



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