Monday, 18 November 2013

Makeup On In 5 Minutes and Out The Door!

I seem to live my life in a constant rush. Dashing around in the morning, I always seem to be running late. So, as I'm often doing my makeup in a frantic race against the clock, I thought I'd show you what products I use and how I use them. This whole makeup application takes approximately 5 minutes!

Step One: Prep
I quickly spread primer all over my face (using my fingers) in order to ensure that whatever makeup I do manage to put on, it will at least stay in place all day. I really like Benefit's POREfessional as it's mattifying (I have oily/combination skin) and it definitely makes sure that my makeup stays on and my face isn't too shiny.

Step Two: Base
I then sweep powder all over my face, and a bit on my neck to ensure that it is all blended well. If I'm in a mega rush I will use the pad that comes with the powder to apply it. If I have a little bit of time I will use a powder brush as this provides a more natural finish. The powder that I'm using and loving right now is MAC's Studio Fix Powder (full review here). It provides a full coverage that seems to be almost invisible on the skin and really softens it.

Step Three: Colour
I then sweep bronzer lightly all over my face and neck to add a healthy tan, but concentrate most on the area underneath my cheek bones for contouring. Nars Laguna Bronzer is my favourite bronzer as it provides a very natural finish and stays on all day without making me look orange.

I then put a little dab of blusher on to the balls of my cheeks and lightly sweep it out towards my temples. This Lancôme Blush Subtil (shade 08 Brun Roche) is very natural and so great to use when I'm in a rush as no blending is required. Finally, I add a touch of highlighter above the balls of my cheeks and down the centre of my nose. The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are brilliant for this purpose, adding a light shimmer to enhance the features on your face.

Step Four: Eyes and Brows
I then put eyeliner on the bottom of my lids and across the top (along my eyelashes and slightly above them), using a kohl eyeliner for speed and the fact that it's easier to blend. It's much easier to rectify a mistake with a kohl than a liquid eyeliner if you're in a rush as well. I often use the No 7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil during the day as it looks really natural and never smudges.

I then add a few coats of mascara to both my top and bottom lashes. The Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara is a lovely one to use as it provides great volume and curl. Finally, I fill in any gaps in my eyebrows with a brow pencil- the Benefit Instant Brow Pencil was created for girls in a rush like me! And then brush over an eyebrow setting gel to keep them in place all day. This one from Illamasqua is my favourite as it sets them all day but doesn't leave any residue. If I'm in a HUGE rush then I just sweep over the brow gel without using the pencil, or leave my brows altogether.

Step Five: Out The Door!
I usually add a touch of lipstick or lipgloss while I'm on the go as there's always one in my handbag for these occasions. The Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors (full review here) are perfect for applying on the go as they're very moisturising and add a subtle pop of colour,

What makeup do you quickly put on when you're in a rush? What could you not leave the house without putting on? I think powder and eyeliner are my two biggest essentials!

Rosy x


  1. I love the Sumptuous Extreme mascara! Definitely one of my all time favs. I wore studio fix foundation today and forgot how much I loved to wondering how the powder is. Happy to see you like it, think I'll have to try it out!


    1. Me too! It's really rivalling the Benefit They're Real! one for me now :) Thanks hun, I hope you like the powder, I would definitely recommend it. You've got me thinking about trying the foundation now, been after a new one for a while so I may give this one a go now, especially as I love the powder so much! xx

  2. Kohl pencil....I can go without anything else but not my eyeliner. I have been known to go out wearing only that and its the only thing I put on to go to the gym!

    1. Haha like mother like daughter then! I would never be able to leave the house without my eyeliner firmly in place! xxx

  3. I'm so jealous! It takes me 5 minutes on my brows, and then 5 on my lashes alone because they're both so damn blonde and need the product worked right the way in! It takes me about 40 mins to get ready in the morning which is pretty redic

    Charlotte - xx


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