Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Naturalmente Shampoo and Conditioner

Naturalmente is a newly launched Italian brand in the UK, offering hair products that are all naturally based. Their hair care range contains only vegetarian ingredients and are free from parabens or synthetic perfumes. Their shampoos and conditioners are more gentle on your hair, something which really appeals to me as I colour and straighten my hair quite a lot.

The shampoo smells herbally and very natural, not artificial or too sweet like others can do. It lathers up nicely, not excessively like artificial ones can do though, and I didn't need to use too much to get my whole head covered, meaning it will last a while and I'll get value for money. The conditioner also smells pleasant and natural, and this one is actually targeted for coloured hair, so treats it well. Using the shampoo and conditioner for the last few weeks has made my hair feel soft, clean but not too frizzy, and healthy. The dye in my hair has not faded either. Overall, my hair seems to be loving the Naturalmente range and I love the fact that their products are all natural and good for my hair.

Price: £9* for a large bottle (Available to buy here)


  1. They sound really nice! I love natural products



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