Thursday, 30 January 2014

Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleanser

Clarins have brought out a new cleanser that eliminates all traces of pollution on the face. Living in Manchester City Centre, being surrounded by pollution all the time, is something that does bother me, and so it feels great to know that this cleanser will strip it all from my face. It is suitable for all skin types and the key ingredient is Moringa Seed, which is known in India as 'the miracle tree'. The seed completely rids the skin of all traces of pollution and acts as a barrier to pollution particles. The Moringa Seed also works to keep the skin looking youthful and radiant.

In terms of applying it, it felt more like a cream that I then washed off, it doesn't foam up at all. The scent is scrumptious! Very fresh and quite fruity- certainly refreshing and pleasant to use.

The first thing that struck me when using this cleanser was how gentle it was on my skin. I think it's the most gentle cleanser I've ever used. My skin usually feels a little tight whenever I wash it but with this cleanser it didn't feel tight or dry at all.  My skin felt very soft when it dried, so much so that I almost forgot to put moisturiser on the other day because it felt like I'd already done it! My skin also looked much brighter and 'radiant' after using this cleanser, which is something that surprised me when I looked in the mirror!

Overall I would definitely recommend this cleanser. I've been quite poorly, with a bad case of flu, over the last week and this has been the only cleanser or toner that has not stung (or even tingled) the delicate broken skin around my over-blown nose, thus again showing how gentle it is. I will be using it as my second cleanser in the evenings (so after I've removed my makeup) in order to remove all the city pollution and yuckiness that's on my face. How satisfying!

What do you think about this cleanser?

Price: £25* (Available to buy at any Clarins counters and on the website)


  1. I wanted this as soon as I read about it last month, but I'm trying to resist and use up the cleanser I have!lol
    It does sound an amazing product and I really can't wait to try it. It will be mine!


  2. I only live in a small city, so the pollution is relatively low compared to Manchester, but this sounds amazing! I don't know if it's something I'd use every day, but definitely if I'm going to London or to any motor sport events, this would be perfect!
    Jodie | Future Freaks Me

  3. This sounds brilliant! Hope it gets released in Norway soon, I really want to try it!


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