Friday, 3 January 2014


I did not use up many products this month, but the ones that I did are all firm favourites of mine, and will definitely be repurchased in the future. 

Benefit POREfessional
This is a Holy Grail product for me. In fact, I'd go as far as to say this is the number one product that I could not live without. I have oily/combination skin and so, without POREfessional as a base, my makeup wouldn't last an hour. I use POREfessional everyday, it's the best primer I've ever tried. It keeps my makeup on all day and stops my face from being shiny. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Repurchase? YES.

No 7 Eyeliner in Brown
The No 7 eyeliners are products that I've been purchasing for absolutely years, both in brown and black. Recently I've noticed that they've changed them slightly, making them hard to apply until they've been sharpened. This is annoying, but at least they're good once they've been sharpened. They stay in place all day and do not run, working just as well, if not better, than high end eyeliners that I've tried, but for a cheaper price. 
Repurchase? Yes but I hope they improve soon. 

Estee Lauder Daywear Oil-Free Moisturiser
This moisturiser is really hydrating and refreshing. It smells of cucumber and so is very soothing and pleasant to apply. As my skin is quite oily, I get the oil-free version which is much better for me. It's doing a great job of hydrating my skin in this miserable weather. 
Repurchase? Yes.

Lady Million Perfume
I love this perfume and I'm very sad that it's run out. It's a sweet, yet sexy kind of scent and I think it's great to wear both in the day and in the evening. I always get compliments when I wear this and it's in my top three favourite perfumes of all time. 
Repurchase? Yes.

Jo Malone Candle in Blackberry and Bay
I know this isn't technically a beauty item but I am so sad that it is finished. It is the first Jo Malone candle that I have ever had; it was a present from my lovely Mum after I'd been in hospital a few times a couple of months ago. I've used it every day since and the smell is just heavenly. I live in a two bedroom flat and if I light this in my bedroom the scent completely fills the whole flat within half an hour, it's absolutely brilliant. I'm seriously considering indulging in another one to combat the January blues!
Repurchase? Yes!

What do you think of these products?

Rosy x


  1. Lady Million is one of my favourite perfumes too and I just recently ran out. Very jealous of your Jo Malone candle… if I'm successful at a spending ban over the next couple of weeks I may well treat myself to this.


  2. I'm a big fan of Porefessional! However I'm loving the clear gel primer from Gosh at the moment! Love this post x


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